How to apply for a Postgrad Solutions Global LLM Study Bursary

There are three simple steps to applying for a Global LLM Study Bursary:

1 Join the Postgrad Solutions Student Service if you are still to do so.
2 Download and complete Global LLM Study Bursaries application form (making sure you add your Postgrad Solutions membership number).
3 Email the completed form to

Click here to download the Global LLM Study Bursaries application form (Word document).

Payment of the award will be made direct to your institution, and will be discounted from your fees as appropriate. You may only apply for a bursary after you have accepted an offer of a place at your chosen institution.

Closing dates
The closing date for all entries for postgraduate courses starting in Autumn 2015 is 14 September 2015.

Terms and conditions
1 Entries will not be read beyond the 200-word limit, so please do not exceed the word limit. 2 The winners will be solely judged as the students articulating the best reason for deserving an award in their 200-word entry. The decision will not be linked to institution choice. 3 All winners will be notified by 31 October 2015. If you have not heard from Postgrad Solutions by this date, your application will have been unsuccessful. 4 Postgrad Solutions will contact the institutions where the winners will be studying directly to confirm that they have started their studies, and payment of the bursaries will be made on 1 December 2015. 5 You can only apply for a bursary once you have accepted an offer of a place at your chosen institution. 6 Closing date for all entries is 14 September 2015. 7 Applications will be treated in the strictest confidence and Postgrad Solutions will not share any of the information supplied in a bursary application with any other companies or organisations.




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