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Posted July 29, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Study Your LLM In Wales

Choosing where to study your LLM can be a tough thing to do. With so many different possibilities and places you could go, it's sometimes difficult to make an informed choice. We've put together what we think are the top five reasons why Wales is an ideal place to study your Master of Laws.


With five universities that offer Law studies in Wales, three of which are in the UK top fifty, your choice is not limited. Whether you want to be in the country or in the heart of a bustling city, Wales has an option for you. As with every type of higher education, each institution offers something different by way of specialisations and areas of expertise, so having a broad range of courses and universities to choose from will always work in your favour.


Study is about a complete experience whatever it is you choose to study. Welsh universities score incredibly well on student satisfaction with Bangor and Swansea both placing way above the national average. When you're committing to something as important as studying your LLM it's vital you take into account what the students say about the institution as well as how the university sell it themselves.


As is the case with most higher education, the employment prospects of big city universities will always be higher than institutions outside of large metropolitan areas. Swansea and Cardiff both have high graduate employment records so you can expect the same to be said for postgraduate studies. Both cities are bustling and have growing industries for technology, engineering and other commercial enterprises. As such, those completing their Master of Laws program can look forward to great employment prospects upon completion of their studies.


As with all top universities in the UK, Welsh universities offer internationally recognised programs meaning that a Master of Laws qualification from a Welsh university will carry serious international legitimacy. If you're looking to work abroad for international employers, then completing your LLM at a Welsh university could well be your first step. Alternatively if you are a foreign national looking to study in the UK then you can be sure that any qualification gained here will be recognised in your home country as well as elsewhere abroad.


When you're choosing where you should study it's not just about graduate prospects or student satisfaction, it's also about the experience you will have while you learn. Whether you are from the UK or further afield, Wales has so much to offer in terms of diverse cities, beautiful countryside and a friendly and welcoming population. You can choose to study in the city or in more secluded areas and you will still have access to all of the wonderful things that Wales has to offer whilst only being a relatively short way from everything England, Scotland, Ireland and the rest of Europe have to offer as well.

PLEASE NOTE: As a result of Brexit, from Autumn 2021 postgraduate students from the European Union studying at a UK university will be charged the same tuition fees as international students. UK students studying their postgraduate course at a European university are also likely to incur higher tuition fees than their EU counterparts. It is advisable to check with the individual universities in the UK and Europe for up-to-date information on tuition fees for all postgraduate programs.


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