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Feb. 1, 2017

Master of Laws programs at Miami Law help students achieve their dreams

Miami LawThe unique Master of Laws programs at Miami Law are increasingly helping students to achieve their dreams.

Maria Jose Rivera, a 27-year-old student from Venezuela, is studying an LLM in Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law at Miami Law. As part of her practicum she is working at the NBC Universal Telemundo headquarters in Hialeah, Florida – which is exactly where she’s always wanted to be! Growing up in Venezuela, Maria loved a telenovela called “Luz Clarita,” and in particular one of the main characters who was a lawyer. She says, "He was so cool. And he was a lawyer. After that, whenever I would have to present something in my classes, I was always the lawyer." As well as growing up loving the law, Maria also grew up with a keen interest in the movies, music and arts." She explains, “I imagined myself protecting the rights of artists. I didn't know what it was called, but I imagined myself safeguarding the creative process."

Maria is now studying her LLM in Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law, and Director of the program, Harold Flegelman, is delighted with his student, saying, “Maria Jose is the perfect fit for our program. She has both real world experience and a long-held passion for the pursuit of a specific career. For students like Maria Jose – interested in an entertainment track – Miami, at the crossroads of the Americas, has the broadest curricular offerings and practicums with motion picture, television, and music production and distribution of any law program in the country.”

Maria started at Telemundo International with Business and Legal Affairs as a summer intern in Coral Gables. She moved on as a fall legal intern to the Telemundo Network with Music Affairs where she’s analysing rights for music use in shows in distribution as well as drafting music agreements. Speaking about her work at NBC Universal Telemundo, she says, “I want to get to counsel and represent television and motion picture productions in all legal aspects. Whenever I walk into a studio set, I get thrills by seeing it and hearing in all in real life. I see the drafting of agreements as creating the safeguards to making those audiovisual productions come strong from a legal standpoint. The program has helped me get there by not only placing me into the real practice but by granting me the privilege to work with and learn from these role models I look up to professionally. I’m drafting and negotiating agreements for the first time while being challenged to develop the skills that are in demand when becoming an effective lawyer in the entertainment industries.”

Meanwhile Marcela Camargo, who studied an LLM in Real Property Development at Miami Law, is now in-house counsel on a major commercial joint venture in Colombia. She had been working in real estate law in Columbia for more than ten years when her employer offered her the chance to study the LLM in Real Property Development at Miami Law. After finishing her Master of Laws in 2016, she returned to Columbia and started working on a major joint venture project between her employer, Grupo Éxito, and a leading private equity fund — Fondo Inmobiliario Colombia.

Thanks to her LLM at Miami Law, Marcela’s newly refined skill set was soon put to use for the biggest project of her career and she’s now leading the legal issues on the joint venture in her capacity as in-house counsel. Marcela explains, “Having had the chance to go through the details of this type of transaction in the United States —where deals of this size or bigger are made so often — has made me more confident, practical and inventive. Becoming an alumna of the program has opened many professional possibilities for me.”

The LLM in Real Property Development explores land acquisition, finance, regulation, tax law, construction law, residential and commercial development, landlord tenant, closings, negotiation, planning strategies and drafting.

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Content added on 1st February 2017.

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