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Posted May 10, 2017

Top 5 Reasons You Should Study Your LLM Online

Study an LLM OnlineStudying for an LLM is one way of increasing your knowledge of the legal landscape through analytical skills and research.

Online LLM

An LLM will also increase your employability in the legal niche markets as this is a globally respected qualification. It takes one year of full-time study or two years on a part-time course to earn an LLM degree in the UK, however online education has made it possible for one to earn the LLM degree from a recognised university, therefore, allowing you more time for work, family, and friends.

Are you wondering why you should study for your LLM degree online? Well, here are top 5 reasons why you should opt for the online mode of study.

1. Flexibility

Independent learning is best for people who are already working or those unable to present themselves at the physical location of their institution. It gives you the freedom to combine learning with work, business, family, and other activities since it is flexible. The student will also have an option to personalise the course to fit their individual schedules.

2. A Chance to Specialise

There are many niche markets in the legal landscape and studying for an LLM online enables you to specialise in a particular legal niche. The online LLM program allows you to choose a specialisation in various niches including; commercial law, international trade, employment law, finance, diplomacy, legal research, and other depending on your passion. Specialising in such niches through online programs boosts your CV and improves your employability potential.

3. Easy Access

Studying for your LLM degree online has been simplified right from registration if the student has the required qualifications for the LLM degree. Unlike the traditional institution which has many formal requirements to be fulfilled that are time-consuming, one can register and access the LLM courses. The online student gets support from institution tutors to enable them to focus on their studies.

4. Improve Your Earning Potential

Having an LLM degree proves to your employer that you have gained advanced skills and knowledge that makes you suitable for leadership positions and senior roles. Studying online will increase your chances of earning an extra €9,000 every year while also allowing you time to do things you have a passion for.

Online LLM programs in the UK are accessible to applicants with an undergraduate degree – and not necessarily one in law – meaning it is available to students of many different academic backgrounds. Career options available after completing the LLM program largely depends on the student's choice on the area of specialisation. According to statistics from the 2016 Graduate Labour Market report, workers with an LLM degree earn €9,000 more per year compared to those with bachelor degree in Law.





LLM Graduate

£40,000/ Year


£31,000/ Year


5. Get Credible Experience

The LLM degree is an internationally recognised certification that allows you to network and work together with peers in the legal professional field. Online students are guaranteed to earn recognised qualifications to enable them to compete with other graduates from the traditional law institutions. Online student forums also give students the opportunity to interact and discuss legal topics and other issues, which creates a sense of participation in the LLM program.

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