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LLM (Master of Laws) Insurance Law

LLM in Insurance LawThe insurance industry is one of the most lucrative sectors of the modern economy, in fact in the UK it is only second to banking in terms of the number of employees and revenues generated. Students of an LLM (Master of Laws) in insurance law go on to work in a global industry, regulating the content of consumer insurance policies, crafting business insurance rules, and regulating claim handling. Beyond and within these broad areas of work lies a staggeringly complex and enriching field.

Insurance Lawyers provide the legal and philosophical underpinnings required to run and regulate the insurance industry. Of particular importance to this field is the application of principals emerging from recent case law, which can be pertinent to the creation of new forms of policy writing and regulatory standards. This is enormously important, as the insurance industry must remain apprised of current legal precedents in order to stay robust and profitable. Advisory roles within insurance law are some of the most lucrative.

However, very few universities in the UK and other jurisdictions offer this course as a specialist discipline under their LLM program. This LLM stream in insurance law offers the opportunity to study insurance law in depth and to reflect upon the interaction of insurance law with other aspects of business.

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Number crunching the LLM in Insurance Law

3 UK universities offer an LLM in insurance law

2 American universities offer an LLM in insurance law

1 year of full time study is typically required to obtain an LLM

LLM in Insurance Law – who's it for?

LLM programs in insurance law are suited to law school graduates and legal practitioners alike. Legal officers engaged in corporate or financial law will find this LLM valuable, as it can bolster understanding of the world of corporate governance generally, or provide a conduit to a new field of legal practice specifically. Those already practicing in legal advisory or consultancy roles will benefit greatly from an LLM in insurance law.

Where can you study an LLM in Insurance Law?

There are very few universities worldwide which offer an LLM in insurance law. This dearth of institutions is balanced out by the fact that those available offer programs that are well established, with excellent reputations.

Queen Mary, University of London is an excellent choice for students looking for an internationally recognised insurance law program. Queen Mary's LLM program offers its students a wide range of useful tools for navigating the constant fluctuation of insurance law practices and regulations.

The University of London International Programs offers its LLM in insurance law by means of distance learning, making it a practical choice for international students. The school's LLM is also offered to applicants not holding an LLB (Bachelor of Laws), with certain restrictions.

The University of Southampton's LLM in Insurance law features a faculty whose primary research focus is insurance law. The school includes a compulsory module on marine insurance law, which can help students experience a truly specialised, important niche.

In the United States students will find LLM programs in insurance law at the University of Arizona, and the University of Connecticut School of Law – Insurance Law Center.

What qualifications do you need to study an LLM in Insurance Law?

Typically, applicants to LLM programs in insurance law hold an LLB with honors, however there are exceptions. Some schools consider non LLB holders provided they display high academic scores, professional experience, or experience in a field related to the practice of insurance law. Following the conventions of common law, it is necessary that applicants be fluent in the English language - and proof of this may be necessary through TOEFL or IELTS English Prociency Tests. A detailed CV, letters of recommendation, and of course a full and thorough application is in all cases required.

An alumnus speaks

"I was attracted back to Southampton (for an LLM) for a number of reasons. I thoroughly enjoyed my previous time here and had first hand experience of the quality of the tutors."
Neil Brown, LLB alumnus and LLM distance learning, University of Southampton

An LLM in Insurance Law advances careers in...

  • Corporate Law
  • Financial Law
  • Marine Law
  • Consultancy

Fascinating facts about Insurance Law

The first known insurance contract was signed in 1346.

William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield (1705-1793), was a famous British barrister, politician and judge, who is widely thought of as the Father of Insurance Law.

Professor Philip Rawlings is the founder of the LLM in Insurance Law program at Queen Mary’s. Rawlings is recognised as a leading expert in the field of insurance law.

Recommended reading

Insurance Law and Regulation by Kenneth Abraham and Daniel Schwarcz

Marine Insurance Law by Ozlem Gurses

Principles of Insurance Law by Emeric Fischer and Peter Nash Swisher

Understanding Insurance Law by Robert H Jerry and Douglas S Richmond

​Insurance Law: Doctrines and Principles by Lowry, Rawlings & Merkin 

Insurance Law: Cases and Materials by Lowry & Rawlings 

Birds Modern Insurance Law by Birds

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