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LLM (Master of Laws) Legal Tech Law

Legal Tech Law LLMWith the growing use of Artificial Intelligence in our everyday lives, the need for lawyers to embrace technology and defend against infringements of the law by technology companies has become increasingly important.

An LLM in Legal Tech Law will delve into the issues surrounding the role of technology in life, the growing use of technology to access the law, and the way legal practices can use technology to streamline their business. 

LLM programs in Legal Tech Law can vary, so it's important to have a good understanding about what you want to do with your LLM when you are choosing which one to apply for. Some courses focus more closely on the use of technology for provision of legal services and others cover other areas like entrepreneurship or focus on the regulation of technology. FinTech Law – Financial Technology – is another related area that you may wat to consider – we have the lowdown here.

Number crunching the LLM in Legal Tech Law 

41 institutions where LLM students can focus on Legal Technology Law worldwide. 
1 year full-time study.
3 years part-time with online distance learning.


LLM in Legal Tech Law – who's it for?

An LLM in Legal Tech Law is a great choice for law graduates and any professional working within the law who needs to know more about how technology like Artificial Intelligence is applied to legal practice and how the law is applied to technology. It can be for anyone who works offering legal advice on issues as wide ranging as contract law to e-commerce, data sharing and privacy. 

Where can you study an LLM in Legal Tech Law? 

Legal Tech Law is a rapidly developing part of the law, but currently there are not a huge number of courses. The majority of LLM courses focus on regulation of the technology rather than the use of technology in legal services. Swansea University offers an LLM in Legal Tech Law and the University of Edinburgh has an LLM specialising in Information Technology Law. The University of Helsinki has a Legal Tech Lab and its LLM students can focus on Legal Tech Law. As with many technological advances, the USA has a number of courses such as the one offered at Cornell Tech, which is a Master of Laws in Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship. 

What qualifications do you need?

To study an LLM in Legal Tech law you need undergraduate law degree to start with, but also some experience of working in the law is useful. An understanding of coding is not essential although it will probably be helpful for some courses. If the course is conducted in English, and most are, then you will need to provide an English language test score. Foreign-trained lawyers who are studying internationally will also have to take familiarisation courses about the legal system they will be working in before beginning the LLM. 

Student experience

Nadia Miranty Verdiana studied the LLM in Innovation, Technology and Law at the University of Edinburgh in 2017. She found that the course gave her a greater understanding of the under-regulation and legal issues of using artificial intelligence, e-commerce and big data.

An LLM in Legal Tech Law advances careers in... 

  • Technology companies developing legal apps
  • Advising global IT companies
  • A policy adviser to governments on Legal Tech issues
  • Legal Practice Manager

5 fascinating facts about LLM in Legal Tech Law 

  • The CaseCrunch app recently successfully predicted the outcome of PPI miss-selling claims 86.6% of the time compared to a group of 112 lawyers who successfully predicted the outcomes of the same cases only 62% of the time. 
  • In 2012 the American Bar Association made it a requirement of their lawyers to keep up to date on Legal Tech Law. 
  • Deloitte – a global accountancy and management consultancy firm – predicts that by 2040 114,000 legal jobs will be lost to technology. 
  • The self-proclaimed world's first robot lawyer,, overturned 160,000 car parking tickets in London and New York in 2016. 
  • Between 2012 and 2016 there was a 484% increase in patents for Legal Tech services in the USA. 

Recommended readings

Since this LLM concentrates on technology there are lots of Legal Tech blogs out there as well as numerous books. The blogs Legal IT Insider and Legally Weird are both worth a look at. Interesting books to help you delve into the subject further include the following:

The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform The Work of Human Experts by Daniel and Richard Susskind

Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer by Chrissie Lightfoot

The Most Human Human: What Artificial Intelligence Teaches Us About Being Alive by Brian Christian


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