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LLM (Master of Laws) in Litigation Law

An LLM in Litigation provides you with a unique chance to enrich the growth of a career in a known legal profession. It investigates the different ways in which litigation can be efficiently and strategically managed by offering a practice-focused understanding of arbitration and mediation as alternative methods of dispute resolution – these two are increasingly becoming popular in commercial and private practices.

Some of the core units of a Master of Laws in Litigation will include; aspects of national security law; international arbitration; international criminal law; law and policy of international courts and tribunals; and the future of legal practice across the globe. 

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Number crunching the LLM in Litigation

LitigationThere are 8 top LLMs in Litigation in the UK

LLM in Litigation – Who’s It For?

The Masters in Law degree in Litigation is designed for law professionals who have a keen interest in arbitration, criminal litigation and dispute resolution such as barristers, solicitors, CPS employees and even police officers. Lawyers who studied an LLM in Litigation at the beginning of their careers find it to help them understand the basic principles of law and also develop their expertise in a specialist area of law.

Where Can You Study An LLM in Litigation?

In the UK Master of Laws in Litigation are widely available, for example;

King’s College London, University of Salford, University of London, London South Bank University and the University of Cumbria are just some of the renowned universities in the UK offering an LLM in Litigation. And depending on the university you choose, you could opt to study your program full time, part time or via distance learning.

Over in the United States, the top law schools offering an LLM in Litigation include, New York University School of Law, Harvard School of Law and George Washington University Law School. And there are other private and public university options stateside.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Study An LLM in Litigation?

To study a Master of Laws in Litigation at a UK or US university students are generally required to hold an undergraduate law degree from a recognised university with a grade of 2.1 – although in some cases a 2.2 will be accepted. Students will also need certified recommendation letters. Student applicants who did not study law at undergraduate level will need to show proof of commitment to the course. The important thing to note is that Universities will assess each student’s application individually to determine if they would benefit from an LLM in Litigation. English proficiency that is proven by recognised tests such as IELTS or TOEFL will be needed by non-native English speakers, to prove that their English skills meet the requirements for studying law at this postgraduate level.

Student Case Study

“It can be quite the task to get the practical litigation experience such as arguing motions, defending depositions or even examining witnesses from books alone. Many of us have heard of the terrible experiences of associates with over five years working experience who have never examined a witness or even taken a deposition. There are many reasons for this including, the law firm practices or client preferences. Working as a paralegal for a recognised law firm that handles litigation cases will help you understand exactly what such cases are about and help you develop the backbone for the job. The important thing is that students get experience outside the classroom.”
Source – Civil Litigation Blogs – Canadian Law Blogs List.

An LLM in Litigation Advances Careers In...

Law private practice

In-house lawyer in a renowned law firm

Policy and government organisations

Non-governmental organisations

Non-legal careers in dispute resolution and litigation

5 Fascinating Facts About Litigation

1. US Senator Ted Cruz was a law professor at the University of Texas where he lectured US Supreme Court Litigation.

2. Today, the number of business litigation lawsuits that have been filed are higher than ever before.

3. The University of London’s LLM in Criminal Litigation was the first Masters in Law degree in the UK to be purely devoted to Criminal Litigation.

4. Litigation cases end up being more expensive compared to arbitration cases.

5. An LLM in Litigation does not limit you to a legal career but gives you the insight to work in any professional setting.

Recommended Reading

The Litigation Paralegal: A Systems Approach by James W H McCord and Pamela Tepper

Litigation in Federal Court: A Guide to the Rules by Ann E Woodley

10,000 Depositions Later: 33 Tips for Taking Superior Depositions by Jim Garrity

A Lawyer Writes: A Practical Guide to Legal Analysis by Christine Coughlin, Joan Malmud and Sandy Patrick


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