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LLM (Master of Laws) in Trade Law

Trade Law and more specifically, International Trade Law is one of the most sought after courses and is currently offered in quite a number of universities. At its core, studying an LLM in Trade Law involves examining the regulation of the transaction of goods by exploring the relevant regulatory frameworks and legal issues in trade relations as well as a broad spectrum of all the related services.

The core units of study in an LLM in Trade Law will typically include:

International Trade Law – analysing the structure and operation of international sale contracts, looking at the obligations and rights of seller and buyers, questions of title and risk, and remedies for breach.

European Law – exploring laws and organisations within Europe.

World Trade Law – studying the law and practice of the World Trade Organisation.

Internet Law/E-Commerce – the expanding role of e-commerce and the associated problems; how an effective legal framework can be properly established in the ever-expanding world of internet trade.

International Banking and Commercial Payments – examining different payment mechanisms between international buyers of goods and services; cash, bills of exchange systems, performance bonds, promissory notes, etc.

Commercial Arbitration Law – means of resolving business disputes between two or more parties outside of a formal court system, whereby an arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators would serve as both judge and jury.

Competition Law – any laws or regulations directed toward creating or maintaining a competitive market environment.

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Number Crunching The LLM in Trade Law

Trade law1 year full time study

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15,000+ word dissertation required

LLM in Trade Law – Who’s It For?

An LLM in Trade Law is specifically designed for individuals with a keen interest of specialising in a legal career focused on in trade, mostly international trade, by building on their trade law skills. This Master in Laws program equips students interested in international trade or government departments that are trade related with an excellent introduction into the law aspect of the course but most importantly, first-hand practice in the complex and challenging environment.

Where Can You Study An LLM In Trade Law?

There are many good universities that offer this Masters in Law course.

The University of Leeds, University of Birmingham, University of Edinburgh Law School, Oxford Brooks University, and the Brunel University of London are some of the top universities in the UK specialising in legal trade and policy. The courses in these law schools cover foreign direct investment, the sale contract, financing international trade, the carriage contract and legal analysis and writing.

Harvard School of Law and New York University are at the forefront in offering this course in the United States. They specialise in commercial law, human rights law and public law and aim to develop a student’s cognitive, critical and intellectual faculties, encourage them to think outside the box and impart the knowledge of accurate, coherent and rational arguments both orally and in writing therein in providing them with a robust foundation for a fulfilling career in trade law.

All of these LLM programs offer all-encompassing course structures that are aimed to equip the student with all the necessary knowledge and understanding to practice in this competitive field of law.

What Qualification Do You Need To Study An LLM In Trade Law?

The entry requirements for a student in LLM in Trade Law is the successful completion of an undergraduate law degree or a relevant subject from a recognised institution, as well as proficiency in the English language that is validated by IELTS or TOEFL tests. The minimum entry score varies depending on the university a student chooses to do the course. You can find out more about English Language Proficiency here.

Student Case Study

“I’ve had a good number of people ask me to comment on the highs and low of studying an LLM in Trade Law. Should you consider enrolling for one? Definitely! For one, it only takes one year of full-time study for you to attain the Master in Laws degree and trade is something that the human race has been practising since time immemorial, and one can be sure that it’s going to continue for years and years to come.

"In essence, an LLM in Trade Law is an excellent way to shop yourself as a law graduate. You become more marketable, helping launch you into a speciality area of trade in an international setting thus guaranteeing you numerous opportunities. The benefits of an LLM in Trade Law are endless!”
Excerpt from Law Career Blog.

An LLM in Trade Law Advances Careers In...

Intergovernmental organisations

International organisations

Banking and commerce


Legal profession

Non-governmental organisations

5 Fascinating Facts About Trade Law

1. The UK is the second country in the world after the US for the best collaboration between universities and corporates.

2. Studying an LLM in Trade Law in the UK gives students a great opportunity to make the most of this healthy relationships, giving them the coveted chance to learn from the greats of the industry and make valuable industry connections.

3. For a student to qualify for an LLB in Trade Law in the UK, they have to fully cover seven modules that traverse the seven key areas of the UK trade law. These modules include unites such as criminal, property and public law.

4. The UK has three legal systems; England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

5. The UK’s renowned law educational institutions are a major magnet for international students from across the globe.

Recommended Reading

Understanding International Trade Law by Simone Schnitzer

Postgraduate Research Handbook by Gina Wisker

Schmitthoff’s Export Trade: The Law and Practice of International Trade by the Late C M Schmitthoff

Reflections on the Debate between Trade and Environment: A study Guide for Law Students, Researchers, and Academics by Dr Yvonne Nana Afua Idun

World Trade Organization (WTO) Documents – Student Edition: GATT and WTO Agreements and Understandings by Dr Frank Emmert


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