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Posted March 1, 2021

Top 10 online LLM programs in the UK

Top 10 Online LLMsBritish law schools are a great choice when it comes to online LLM programs as they often offer a course with an international emphasis and always in English.

Online LLM

Online LLM programs are usually offered on a part-time basis allowing students to work and study at the same time. Over the last few years – and particularly in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic – the demand for online LLM study has increased which means there is a great selection of course available.

Let’s take a look at ten of the best online LLM programs taught out of UK law schools.

LLM in International Corporate and Commercial Law – King's College London

Cost: £19,500 total cost for all students.
What You Will Study: This is a part-time program that takes students between two and six years to complete. Modules include Transnational Corporate Law and Practice; Corporate Finance Law; International and Comparative Oil and Gas Law; and Carriage of Goods by Sea.

LLM – University of Edinburgh

Cost: £23,000 total cost for all students.
What You Will Study: This is an online LLM program that can be studied either part time or full time. For full-time students, the LLM takes one year to complete and for part-time students, it takes between two and three years to complete. There are four areas of focus – Medical Law; Commercial Law; Intellectual Property Law; and Information Technology Law.

LLM in Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law – Queen Mary University of London

Cost: £28,030 total cost for all students.
What You Will Study: Students complete this LLM on a part-time basis either over two years or six years and there are optional residential weekends to attend. Modules include Online Banking and Financial Services; Privacy and Data Protection Law; E-Commerce Law; and Broadcasting Regulation.

LLM in Healthcare and Ethics – University of Manchester

Cost: £9,500 total cost for UK students / £19,000 total cost for EU and international students.
What You Will Study: The full LLM program takes two years to complete studying part time. Modules include Medico-Legal Problems; Ethics; Genetics and Genomics; Philosophical Bioethics; and Mental Health Law and Policy.

LLM in Energy and Environmental Law – University of Birmingham

Cost: £15,300 total cost for all students.
What You Will Study: Students complete the LLM in two and a half years studying part time. Modules include the Law Relating to Nuclear Energy; Renewable Energy and Climate Change Law; and Oil and Gas Law.

LLM in Legal Aspects of Medical Practice – Cardiff University

Cost: £6,950 per year for UK students / £9,200 per year for EU and international students.
What You Will Study: This course at Cardiff University has been a distance learning LLM since 1987 and was designed in conjunction with the UK's NHS. It is now offered through online distance learning and takes two years to complete with part-time studying. Students must have extensive experience of working within the NHS to gain access to the course.

LLM in International Business Law – University of Essex

Cost: £11,222 total cost for all students.
What You Will Study: Students take two years to complete this part-time LLM in International Business Law. Modules include the Law of the World Trade Organisation; International Business Law; and Commercial Conflict of Laws.

LLM in International Trade Law – University of Aberdeen

Cost: £13,820 total cost for all students.
What You Will Study: This part-time LLM program at the University of Aberdeen takes students about two years to complete. Modules include the World Trade Organisation; International Arbitration; and Financing of International Sales.

LLM in Employment Law – University of Leicester

Cost: £9,755 total cost for all students.
What You Will Study: Students at the University of Leicester complete this LLM program in two years studying via distance learning. Modules include International Labour Law; Human Rights and Trade Union Law; Equality at Work; and Individual Employment Relations.

LLM in Internet Law and Policy – University of Strathclyde

Cost: £7,100 total cost for all students.
What You Will Study: This is a part-time LLM in Internet Law and Policy that takes two years to complete. Modules include Privacy, Crime and Security, Telecommunications Law, E-Commerce Law, and Intellectual Property Law.

How to choose the right online LLM program

Choosing the right online LLM program is a vital step in securing your success on the course, but there are few extra aspects to think about compared to choosing an on-campus LLM course. Let’s take a look at some of the chief considerations.

Where is the course based?

If you are seeking to improve your legal knowledge of your current profession or specialism, then this is less important, and you can focus on getting access to the best legal minds to teach you. However, if you are beginning your legal career or changing career direction, then you will ideally need to make contacts and network even with online study. Choosing a local law school – even for online LLM programs – will help your career when you graduate. This is an attraction for many students such as some of those at the University of Leeds.

How is the course content delivered and accessed?

Many online LLM courses have live lectures and discussions that take place during the day, with a recorded version available for those who cannot attend. Before you choose your LLM program you need to understand how the course is delivered and what will work best for you. Although watching recorded discussions will assist you, you will lose a valuable learning experience by not participating during the live discussion. However, if you are studying your LLM program with the support of your current employer, then you will hopefully be able to take the time out during the day to attend these live online sessions. Check the assessments too, as some law schools deliver these online, others require attendance with them or a partner institution. You will find much of this information if you attend an online virtual open day – such as the one at the University of Manchester. Attending an online open day like this will give you a chance to discuss the content of the course further.

What support is there for online students?

Check to see how long the online LLM program has been delivered in this format by the law school you are considering for your studies. If the law school and your potential professors have had experience in online LLM programs, then you will find that there will be plenty of support systems in place if you have difficulties. However, for new online LLM courses, you should carefully research how the law school is planning on supporting its online LLM students. Most law schools have social media accounts, so have a look at what their Students’ Union or Law Society – such as the University College London’s students law society – are doing in terms of support.

Do others think it’s the right choice?

As with other on-campus LLM courses, find out what other people think about your choice of online LLM program. Research law school rankings and speak to knowledgeable legal professionals or those who are working in a position you could see yourself working in, to find out what they think of the course. You could also connect to recent alumni of the LLM program through social media to find out if they think it was the correct choice for them too.

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sean matthew April 24, 2023, 3:22 p.m.

I completed an LLB (Hons ) from University of Huddersfield, UK in 2011. Also completed an MBA and DBA but never proceeded to do the Bar qualification.
I am desirous of doing the Bar and would like to know if any one of the LLMs would provide for entrance to a bar program within the UK with past standing

Charlotte King May 1, 2023, 5:40 p.m.

Some of the US LLM programs can provide students with access to the bar exam too – but you need to make sure your'e studying in the state where you want to sit the bar. Check with the US law schools that you're interested in and see if their LLM can also help with the bar. Good luck.

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