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Best Law Schools In The World

Best Law Schools In The WorldThe best law schools in the world are competitive places to apply to and attend – but are they worth all the effort? On the one hand it's a great headstart to your legal career to have the backing of a prestigious law school. However, on the other hand some would argue that it's much more important to focus on choosing the best law course for you rather than just opting for one of the best law schools in the world

Top 10 law schools worldwide 

According to recent rankings figures here are the current top 10 best law schools in the world*, and as you can see from the table below they are mosty based in the United Kingdom – like Oxbridge – or the United States.

Many people consider the ranking of the law school you attend to be more important than rankings in other subject areas, but if this is something that you agree with, it's important to make sure you know how to use law school rankings to your advantage.

In this article we're exploring why you should consider studying at one of the best law schools in the world.

Top 10 Law Schools Worldwide

Education best law schoolsEducation 

Highly respected law schools will attract both the most talented students and the most talented academic staff. If you want to have a challenging group of people teaching you and attending classes with you, then choosing a top-ranked law school is the way forward. The tuition fees may be much higher for these institutions, but being academically stimulated by your teachers and peers on a daily basis is just what you may need to develop a robust understanding of the law. 

Funding best law schools Funding 

The funding and sponsorship that top-ranked law schools attract through corporate sponsors, higher tuition fees and successful alumni mean that there will be plenty of well-funded law clinics and extra-curricular activities to attend. The wealth of some of these highly respected law schools also means that there are a number of scholarships available, such as those at Harvard Law School, to help academically able students afford the tuition fees and student living costs

Networking Best Law Schools Networking 

The network of contacts you can tap into with a top-ranked law school is a huge benefit to you. Your professors will be international experts in their fields and will have knowledge of the best places to continue your specialisms after you have graduated. Former alumni will often want to help the next generation of law students and just attending a highly respected law school will help you gain access to incredible opportunities for internships and work experience. Alumni groups and associations, like the one at the London School of Economics, will help you. 

Student Best law schools Fellow students 

Of course, your fellow LLM students will go on to become the legal experts of the future, so you will get to know some of the best legal minds of the future while you study. Well-respected law schools attract applications from students from all over the world and these law schools will compete to get the most talented students among this year's applicants. Learning and growing your knowledge of the world from those who have lived it is a huge benefit of attending a top ranking law school. 

Institutions best law school Institutions with a global view 

To have a career with a global base you need to attend a law school that also has a global view of the study of the law. Along with the international students, a top-ranked law school will attract academic staff from around the world. This understanding of how the world operates on a legal basis will allow you to work in different cultures successfully and happily. 

Law Firms recruit from best law schools Recruitment from highly respected law firms 

The world’s best and most respected law firms recruit from the best law schools. It's partly because the alumni of these schools have gone on to work for the best law firms and so in return wish to recruit from the universities they attended. But, it is also because the world's best law firms want to attract the best legal minds in the world and to get the most talented graduates they go to the best law schools in the world to recruit from. 

*Source: Top Universities


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