LLM (Master of Laws) Fees & Funding

Read our indispensible guide to funding your LLM (Master of Laws) program, as well as details of the tuition fees and costs involved in studying a postgraduate law course.

Scholarships & Bursaries

We have x10 Postgraduate Law & LLM Bursaries to help deserving LLM students pay for their tuition fees every year. To date we have helped over 20 Master of Laws students worldwide – and you could be next! Find out more about this great funding option as well as other LLM scholarships and bursaries.


Global LLM Study Bursaries

Find out how to apply for one of our x10 Postgraduate Law & LLM Study Bursaries worth £500 each.

Chevening Scholarships for LLM Students

UK Government funding for international students who want to study LLMs and other PG law courses in the UK.

Marshall Scholarships for LLM Students

Marshall Scholarships are for US PG students to study at any British university in most subject areas including law.

General LLM Scholarships & Bursaries

Law schools and universities in the UK and beyond have lots of great funding opportunities.

Our Bursary Winners

Read about how our £500 LLM Study Bursaries have helped plenty of LLM students with their studies.

Funding Blogs

From funding your LLM oversees to great loan options – our funding blogs are packed with topical advice.

Fees & Funding Information

We have the overview of LLM tuition fees and associated costs as well as some sources of funding that you could consider if you need help funding your LLM program. You can also read through our funding blogs for some up-to-the minute funding advice and options. Click on the links below to find out more.


Tuition Fees & Costs

How much will you really pay for a Master of Laws program in terms of tuition fees and other costs?

Sources Of Funding

An LLM program is an important financial commitment on your part, so what are the ways you can meet them?

Private Loan Options

There are plenty of private loan options that LLM students can consider when it comes to funding their postgraduate studies and it is important that students give private loans full consideration and do not enter into an agreement with a private loan company lightly. For those students who do need help funding their LLM program it is essential to make sure you are fully aware of the terms and conditions and the repayment terms before entering into the agreement. It is vital that you access your postgraduate student loan through a trusted body and we work with two private loans companies – Lendwise and Prodigy Finance – that may be able to help you fund your studies, however we recommend that you consider other funding options too.


Lendwise Loans

Lendwise is dedicated to providing education finance for individuals who are looking to fund their LLM.

Prodigy Finance Loans

Prodigy Finance offer collateral and co-signer free loans to international and UK LLM students.

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