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Best Law Universities In UK

The UK has a large number of well-respected universities and in some subject areas the reputation of UK based institutions, such as the law, the reputation of UK universities has recently risen.

Top 10 law schools in the UK 

Here are the top 10 law schools in the UK, together with their rankings on the worldwide stage.

Top 10 Law Schools In The UK


Best Law Universities Ancient universities 

Cambridge University King's Studying the law in some of the top-ranked universities in the UK involves studying in institutions that have ben teaching the law for hundreds and hundreds of years. This ancient tradition attracts students from all over the world and also brings in some of the best scholars and academic staff. The law libraries, like the Manchester Law Library, at many universities are among the best in the world and those studying subjects like Jurisprudence or Legal Theory will have access to outstanding resources.   

Best Law Universities Long-standing Legal Tradition 

The English legal system has existed since the start of the rule of King Richard I in 1189 and this is considered to mark the beginning of the English Common Law system. This system is the basis for many legal systems around the world including the USA, Australia, Canada and India. The long-standing nature of the legal system, along with the heritage of many UK law schools, attracts students from around the world. 

Best Law Universities Legal education system 

The education system for solicitors and barristers in the UK is a formal environment and international students from more relaxed education systems may find the dress codes different. Law students are expected to dress to many elements of their course in smart business clothing or at least in smart business-casual attire. This prepares students for the formal clothing of wigs and gowns that professionals in the British legal system are expected to wear. 

Best Law Universities Separate legal systems 

The UK has separate devolved governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and this makes studying the law in the UK confusing for some students. By undertaking an LLM in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland the law schools are specialised and your education will be unique. Scottish Law has a great deal in common with both English and French Law and to practice in Scotland you must study Scottish Law and not English Law. 

Best Law Universities International community 

The international connections of the UK result in a dynamic atmosphere in law schools around the UK, especially those based in or nearby to the transportation hub of London. The UK has a long-standing connection with many countries both close-by in Europe and further afield. With shared heritage, language and legal systems mean that exchanges between these nations create an exciting learning environment to study the law. 

Best Law Universities Internationally respected qualifications 

LLM courses studied in the UK are recognised around the world. If you are an international student who wants to work in the legal profession back at home, then the UK is a great place to study the law. This is a significant reason that so many students apply to law schools in the UK giving them the law schools the high ranking status they enjoy. In the UK some law schools offer LLMs on a general basis allowing students to decide the course of their studies and other law schools have prescribed taught LLM courses. The subject areas available to study in the UK cover almost all legal areas including Legal Theory, Maritime Law, Energy Law, Family Law and Intellectual Property Law


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