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Posted Oct. 3, 2016

5 Ways to Prepare Yourself to Be an LLM Student

So, you have completed your undergraduate studies in Law and are now ready for the next big step. Well, this is most likely a very exciting moment in your life. A Masters of Law (LLM) degree is certainly an important additional feather to your cap as you forge further into life as a lawyer. But how best can you prepare for this major milestone in your career (and life for that matter) to ensure you get not only the best accreditation but experience too?

1. Registering for LLM studies

The journey starts with being accepted to an LLM program. Not all law schools in the UK offer LLM programs and some only offer them to domestic students. Check with specific law schools to be certain before diving in. Remember also that most law schools require applicants from outside the UK to submit an English Proficiency exam score, especially if English is not their first language. All this can be submitted as part of your application.

2. Lock in your spot

Once you’ve been accepted by your law school of choice, reserve your spot as soon as possible by making the necessary deposits. Timing is key as there are thousands upon thousands of applicants from all over the world gunning for the same prestigious program. In some cases, you may be torn between two possible good schools, but it is always advisable to stick with the one that offers the curriculum courses you need.

3. Specialist or not

Different LLM programs offer different curriculum courses. The options are so varied that some applicants get mixed up trying to figure out which to specialise in. Depending on your career goals, you can pick from more traditional topics like human rights, environmental law, European Union Law, intellectual property rights and competition law among others. Or go for the specialised curriculum courses in energy and natural resources law, IT/Telecommunications and climate change which are fast gaining popularity.

4. Balance books & life

The life of an LLM student can be tasking. Typically, it takes one-year or two years of full-time study or part-time study respectively. There are advantages and disadvantages to each mode of study, so choose accordingly. Nonetheless, besides the normal studies, it is also highly advisable to engage in some co-curricular activities that will boost your grades as well as give you a fresher perspective from all the piles of law books. Join law societies and/or practice in moot courts. Build the scope of your experience by assisting in student development programs. All these will only work to better your prospects for your future job.

5. Grab internship opportunities

To earn your spot in that law firm that you are eyeing, or even to start your own, your LLM degree alone is not enough. Practical experience gained over time will go a long way in not only boosting your skills but also bettering your chances of success in the field. So take any internship opportunities as a chance to hone your skills.

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