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Posted Nov. 29, 2021

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing as an LLM student

However demanding your LLM studies are, it is imperative that you look after your mental health and wellbeing, and seek help in times of stress – here are five tips

Posted Nov. 22, 2021

Why Should You Study an LLM Program in 2022?

Are you still contemplating whether to finally study that Masters of Laws degree and if it is the right time for you to study an LLM? Read on

Posted Nov. 15, 2021

You don’t have to be rich to be an LLM student

It is a widespread misconception that only the affluent can access such a prestigious program, however this isn’t the case – there are ways to raise the required law school …

Posted Oct. 18, 2021

Little-known ways to achieve LLM success

Studying postgraduate law requires you to have complete dedication, as it involves a lot of hard work and at times can be all consuming and rather stressful.

Posted Oct. 7, 2021

LLM application checklist

As you embark on this application process, this checklist will help you understand exactly what is required before submitting your application.

Posted Sept. 27, 2021

How to prepare for an LLM interview

Do you have an upcoming LLM interview? Well, preparing for an LLM interview can seem quite challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

Posted June 28, 2021

Why is it the perfect time to study an LLM?

Do you want to advance your law career? If you already have a law degree, you may now wish to advance to an LLM.

Posted June 3, 2021

Returning to law school campus in the UK

Here are some of the other safety measures being adopted by UK universities and law schools as they reopen their doors to onsite teaching:

Posted May 24, 2021

What Is Tort Law?

A tort is an omission or an act that results in harm or injury to another, which leads to a civil wrong that makes a court impose liability.

Posted April 12, 2021

5 challenges for LLM students to overcome

Studying law can be a thrilling choice for students looking forward to understanding how judicial processes work worldwide.

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