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Posted Oct. 16, 2016

6 Steps To Keeping Your Motivation Going As An LLM Student

LLM MotivationSo there you are sitting on one of the campus recreational benches reminiscing on the day you received your acceptance letter to study LLM at your campus of choice. Everyone in your home was over the moon, and you even had a party thrown in your honor. You came to campus, had your orientation and got into the real business. But now, that spark you had is slowly fizzling out, and you don’t know which step to take next… Well, looking on the bright side, you are not the only one experiencing this. Everyone reaches a point in life when they feel like they’ve hit a brick wall and that sense of inertia slips in. At this stage what truly matters is that you pick yourself up by finding that one thing that will motivate you and propel you to greater heights.

1. Open your eyes and focus on your end goal

One trick that works in boosting your motivation when you are at your lowest or most weak point in LLM study is going back to your standing point and evaluating why you are doing your LLM. Don’t look at it as hard work, rather as a necessary part of making yourself who you want to be. If you are struggling to stay focused on your goal, simply ask yourself what would the person whom you want to become do in the same situation?

2. Look after your physical self

You’ll be surprised to find that the fatigue problem is not mental but physical. You could have the strongest willpower, but for as long as you are not physically up to the task, your motivation is going to suffer. Do you eat meals regularly? And are they healthy? Do you sleep for at least six hours a night? Do you follow any fitness regimen? These are some of the questions to ask yourself and being in a position to answer them positively will set you on the right track.

3. Be a creature of habit

Getting your willpower up time and again can be pretty exhausting, especially when studying for an exam and can result in a lack of motivation. However, building a habit which you follow every day becomes second nature to you and no longer requires you to use willpower. By automating a particular behavior into your routine, you’ll be increasing your chances of success.

4. Embrace pain

You’ve heard it said by fitness enthusiasts that no pain no gain. In truth, there is no shortcut to achieving your end goal. You have no choice but to get out of your comfort zone for you to fully tap into your potential.

5. Reward yourself

When you want to do something like reading an entire law book, set a deadline then make yourself an offer you cannot refuse. Use the dangling carrot technique to help you meet your goals.

6. Talk to friends

Most importantly, remember you are not the only person in your class. Socialize with your mates and exchange motivation tips. Something as simple as talking to someone who is facing the same challenges as you is enough to get your morale up.

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