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Posted April 12, 2021

5 challenges for LLM students to overcome

LLM Student ChallengesStudying law can be a thrilling choice for students looking forward to understanding how judicial processes work worldwide.

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With hopes and determination in their hearts, law students are always vocal regarding their opinions and always believe in intense negotiation. Additionally, law students who are keen to study law are usually driven by a passion for having detailed knowledge regarding human rights, legal procedures and penal codes. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when considering an LLM course, and in this blog we list some of the top challenges faced by law students and how to overcome them:

Managing finances

The financially constrained students tend to undergo a considerable shock while trying to get admission into the university to study law. In general, studying law includes high tuition fees, high living expenses and other miscellaneous expenses that add up to a substantial amount. When it comes to financial constraint, law students can solve them by looking for student loan programs as well as student scholarships. You can look out for these scholarships and loans either via student portals or consult from the experts for other ways to fund your course.

Preparing for exams

In many cases, students only focus on regular examinations and fail to consider the final board examinations. Well, this is a typical blunder done by a good number of law aspirants as the pressure of the regular examinations takes plenty of time. To solve this issue, you could make sure you stay ahead of your revision topics and maybe even consider taking some coaching lessons from renowned centres specialising in law. Doing this may give you an easier time preparing for the final exams.

Life away from home

One of the most significant hurdles that law students face is living far away from their homes for a couple of years. Leaving a loving family, familiar surroundings as well as childhood friends, is a tricky situation for the undergraduate law students, particularly those who have never lived far away from their parents. For LLM students it should be a little easier as they have most likely already experienced this in their bachelors degree. However, to efficiently get through law school in a new state or city, LLM students will still have to be mentally and emotionally strong and make sure they don’t get overwhelmed by feelings of homesickness. In addition, socialising with other students, budgeting monthly expenses and handling the daily chores are aspects that college students need to develop.

Finding LLM Internships

The law industry is seen to be welcoming for individuals who believe in connections. However, some promising lawyers may not be aware of this and opt to keep themselves busy by merely working on their court cases. Well, this is a detrimental mistake and an LLM internship could be a really valuable addition to your LLM CV and your experience as an LLM student in general. It is advisable to socialise with experienced advocates so that you can become who is who in the legal world. Here is where being an extrovert helps as it helps you link with professional and experienced lawyers. At the end of the day, you will have the upper hand over those that don’t socialise.

Practical experience

Whenever law students get into serious legal principles, they often fail to realise that this academic experience is not sufficient in the real world. Although having detailed expertise regarding various laws is remarkably rewarding for academic matters, all students need to work in legal firms as lawyers to flourish their advocate careers. As a result, law students need to search for internships with reputable legal firms. This way, it will be easier to find out essential information about how the law works in the real world. This is vital for all law aspirants and could well lead on to helping them find their future career. This table shows the employment status of 2019 law graduates in the US as of April 2020.

Law graduate status

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