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Posted Sept. 17, 2018

Going Back To School As An LLM Student

Back to schoolIt doesn't matter if you're returning to law school after working on your career for some time, or if you heading there to undertake an LLM program straight after completing an undergraduate degree, everyone has concerns about starting a new course. 

This blog looks at ways to make things a little easier

Start a routine 

Start as you mean to go on and prepare a plan to manage your time to fit in the studying you're going to need to do. You might have just come from an undergraduate degree, however, the level of academic work you will be expected to produce is going to be of higher level, so you'll want to know when you are going to fit it in. 

Plan a study area at home 

Where is as important as when you are going to study, but plenty of students put little thought into where they are going to complete the majority of their studying. If you have been working in an office for a while, then setting a place aside in your home is even more important as you need to separate your academic work from your life as it will help with relaxing outside of your studies. If you've just moved into new student accommodation, then you might be lucky and have a place to study already set aside, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a bit of attention to optimise it for your needs. 


Growing your network of contacts is part of the reason you're undertaking this LLM in the first place. A good network of people who can assist you when you're looking for work experience, internships or the first big job after graduation is helpful, and will reduce your stress levels at the end of your course. You can start by looking on social media before you begin your course by connecting with current and past students through your law school. 


Get going right at the start and make the effort to meet fellow students. Go meet some of your fellow students in a relaxing atmosphere outside of tutorials and lessons. Some of these people are going to be part of your career and future, so get to know them as soon as you can. Making friends is stressful for some people, but once you've met people you'll find you meet more and have got a group of people who are all experiencing the same stresses and strains as you are. 

Get help 

Find out in advance about where you go if you need help or if you need to speak to someone. Each university and law school is different, so make sure you know who to speak to about any problems you can see might arising. 

Prepare friends & family 

Make sure your nearest and dearest are prepared for the demands of a full-time or part-time LLM course will put on you. Prepare them by getting someone who has undertaken an LLM to offer a few words about what they found helpful in terms of support. Then they will be there to help you stay motivated as you study and know which times of the year might be more stressful.

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