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Posted Feb. 27, 2020

An international LLM student in Ireland

University of Limerick StudentAs we all know studying an LLM program is an invaluable experience both in terms of what you will learn and in terms of who you will meet and network with to further the rest of your life.

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Choosing to study your LLM overseas is a great idea, as it will be once in a lifetime experience that will broaden your mind as well as your career opportunities, demonstrating to your future employers that you are a dynamic and adaptable individual. By opening yourself up to the possibility of studying at law schools all over the world you are giving yourself many more options when it comes to LLM specialism as well as the potential to live in a brand new culture and learn a whole new language.

Nancy Lugeye, from Tanzania, is currently studying the LLM in International Commercial Law at the University of Limerick (UL) in Ireland. Speaking about her reasons to study at UL she says, “What made me study at the University of Limerick was the various choice of courses it had to offer. The university had the exact course I wanted. I read online about the content of the course and it contained electives that I was passionate about. I compared UL to other universities and I believed the LLM program UL had to offer was perfect for me, which I loved.”

Nancy did her research before deciding upon this LLM as she explains, “The course content is unique. I have compared it with other universities and I found that this one is more diverse. I also like the way the teachers are very encouraging. You always have the support of them, anytime you are just an email away from them.”

She has found studying her LLM overseas as challenging but ultimately very rewarding, enthusing, “I have really benefitted from this course as I have expanded my thoughts and ideas. Most of the things I have learned, last semester, were mostly all new to me. I was unfamiliar with some of the concepts regarding international law as I come from an East African country. I got to compare the EU with the US on the same topic, which gave me the opportunity to understand how other people look at the same thing or the direction others have gone. When I first came to Ireland, I found it challenging to understand the different legal systems. The systems are different to what I was used to in my own country. I have to research and I have to find the answers for myself. I was really impressed because my fellow classmates, especially the Irish ones, were really friendly telling me ‘if you need to know that, there’s a certain book you can read which will be easy’ or ‘you can go to the internet and get a general overview about this’. It was really easy later on after getting to know everyone and making friends. If I wanted to know about the court system here in Ireland, they would tell me to read certain books in order for me to understand.”

Nancy is now halfway through her LLM in International Commercial Law and is currently thinking about life after her studies and applying for internships. She is hoping to get a job in Ireland, which is another great benefit of studying your LLM overseas – the opportunity to work abroad more easily after your studies due to all the contacts you are likely to make.

So, would she recommend her chosen path to other international LLM students? “Yes, I would recommend the LLM International Commercial Law to others. I have enjoyed it and I have learned a lot. I am still looking forward to learning more. I have made a lot of friends. I’ve enjoyed Ireland, Limerick and UL. I would encourage anyone who is interested in LLM International Commercial Law to give UL an opportunity.”

Find out more about the LLM in International Commercial Law at University of Limerick.

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