Best Universities For Law

Choosing an LLM is a difficult decision to make, and the perfect university for you may not be one of the best law schools in the world.

There are plenty of factors to consider when trying to choose the best Master of Laws program for you, including how you will study and where. Do you want to study at one of the most prestigious and best law schools in the world, or is accessing a niche specialism more omportant to you?

Here are some of the considerations that you should bear in mind when choosing the best universities for law and your Master of Laws studies.

 Fabulous facilities 

You want an institution that makes investments in its facilities and takes pride in how they do things. LLM clubs and societies are important, but look beyond the law library and think about gym memberships and extracurricular activities too. Many potential students consider a university's facilities to be an important factor in their decision. 

 Outstanding academics 

Consider what both the academic staff and alumni have had success in. If these areas of the law are part of your future plans, then you might have found an excellent law school to apply to. Speak with recent alumni and find out which modules and courses were the most popular or considered the most challenging. If these subject areas marry with your future plans, then again you've found another institution to consider. 

 Lovely location 

Where you want to practice law is an important part of your decision-making process. The education you receive at law school is often geographically specific, and how the law is practised varies around the world. For some countries, it can also be necessary to narrow down your location even further, for example in the US the US state in which you attend law school is important as each state has it's own bar association

 Networking potential 

The location of the university you attend will also impact on your networking potential. Many law schools will have excellent local contacts and by choosing a law school within your geographic area of interest you will improve your successful networking opportunities. Start early with your networking by joining alumni or student social media networking sites, before you begin your course. 

 Splendid specialisms 

Many postgraduate students undertaking an LLM are looking to specialise in a certain area of the law and focus their careers. Ensure that the institution you are applying for specialises in the area of the law that you wish to concentrate on. Not only will this ensure that you are successful within your chosen specialism, but it will also make your life during your LLM a bit easier. If the law library and your professors all focus on the area of the law you are concentrating on, then you are setting yourself up for success. 

UG & PG law courses available at the best universities for law*

* Source: Top Universities

** For Law Schools located in the United States JD courses are included in this section as they are an initial course for those wishing to become lawyers. 

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