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Posted Jan. 24, 2018

How Much Does It Cost To Study An LLM In Australia?

Understanding the costs involved will assist you when deciding where to study an LLM.

Australia LLM Programs

Costs vary from law school to law school and country to country. Here's a breakdown of the costs of studying an LLM in Australia in Australian Dollars. There is currently approximately £0.58 British Pounds to $1 Australian Dollar.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for most law schools in Australia are different for domestic students and international students. LLM students who have citizenship of Australia or New Zealand, or who have a permanent residency visa from Australia, or a Humanitarian Visa for Australia are all considered domestic students – and everyone else is an international student. At the University of Sydney for the domestic student tuition fees for the LLM course is $35,000. All other students are considered international students regardless of where they are applying from, and at the University of Sydney the tuition fees for international students is $44,500. However, the University of Melbourne tuition fee is $44,416 for the full-time course for all students regardless of their residency status, so the tuition fees do vary between institutions.

Visa Costs

Keep in mind that applying for your visa will cost $560, so you will want to include this cost in your budget while you're applying for to study LLM in Australia. For international students as part of your visa regulations, you must be able to prove that you have access to at least $19,830 per year as a single student. 

Accommodation Costs

The cost of accommodation varies across Australia and it depends on the type of accommodation you want to live. A room in a shared house off of campus could cost from $90 per week and a room in a Residential College on campus with three meals a day can cost around $397 to $687 per week. 


Of course, transportation costs will vary throughout Australia, and if you've got a room on campus then you're not going to spend much money travelling to and from your classes. But the general advice is to expect to pay $40 per week for transportation. 

Food & Drink

Again food is another variable cost. If you've taken a room in a private Residential College on campus, then you're not going to spend much else on food, as all your meals are included. However, if you're cooking for yourself expect to spend anywhere between $90 to $180 per week on groceries. 

Healthcare & Dental Care

As part of your visa restriction as an international student you must take out Overseas Student Health Cover and the cost of this will depend on your pre-existing conditions. If you are in generally good health, then the minimum cost for a year is $500 for a single person. 

Travel Home

Your costs for travelling home as an international student will depend on where home is and if you are there for just one year then you're unlikely to travel home until the end of the course. A return ticket from Australia to Europe can cost around $1,300.

Settling in Costs

If you're studying in Australia as an international student, then you will have additional settling in costs such as a new mobile phone, clothing and all the little things you need to set up a house. Connection charges for landlines and internet connections to a new house can be around $200 so keep this in mind when you're choosing and budgeting for your accommodation.

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