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Posted May 21, 2018

Reasons To Study Your LLM In Germany

LLM in GermanyGermany is considered the powerhouse of the European economy and is an attractive country to live and work in.

LLM in Germany

If you think your future might lie somewhere within Europe or offering legal advice to anyone with links to Germany, then studying an LLM in Germany might be the perfect fit for you. 

Excellent academics

Germany has some excellent law schools with world-renowned institutions like Heidelberg University and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich being two of the best. A number of other universities such as the Institute for Law and Finance, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main offer some great LLM courses on Tax and International Finance and Leibniz University Hannover offers well-regarded courses on Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law. 

European perspective

With the EU changing and developing over time, understanding the relationship between the institutions of the German government, the German people and the EU will stand you in good stead for a future career advising on EU matters or working in the EU. If you have studied for your undergraduate law degree in another EU member state, then broadening your knowledge and understanding of the differing personal and political relationships between different nations and the EU is a useful specialism in itself. 

Networking opportunities

The students that you meet during your LLM studies will undoubtedly become some of your colleagues of the future. Other international students will probably have similar career paths in mind to yourself, so it's a great idea to work on your networking skills before you head off to do your LLM year in Germany. Your LLM year is a unique chance to take advantage of the connections of your tutors, lecturers and your law school, so you should take every opportunity to meet with those already working in fields that interest you. 

Learn & grow in another culture

Living in another culture will make you more aware of the similarities and differences between nations and people. If you think you would like to work for international organisations like the institutions of the UNEU or the International Courts, then truly understanding the experience of those who live in another country will help you. Speaking with your fellow international students will let you gain an understanding of more of the world along with the unique experience of having to explain your own culture's quirks and differences. 

Language skills

Perhaps it's obvious, but being fluent in a second language is a huge benefit to most careers and being fluent in legal German is especially sought after for UK-based companies doing business in German and German companies doing business in the UK. Understanding more than one legal system will assist you if you want your career to have an international base to it. 

Excellent student lifestyle

Even in the larger cities living costs in Germany tend to be a little more affordable than other similar European cities, and closer to the European average than most big cities are. Students are offered discounts all over Germany and tuition fees tend to be lower than other similar institutions in other European countries.

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