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Posted March 11, 2019

Reasons To Study Your LLM In Switzerland

LLM in SwitzerlandSwitzerland is a small country with a population of only 8.4 million, but it makes a big impact on the global academic stage, especially in legal education.

LLM in Switzerland

With a Civil Law system, and with both national Federal Law and local level State Law, the legal system in Switzerland will be familiar to many students from countries like the United States and France. Switzerland is home to many international organisations, and this makes it a popular place to study and work for those who wish to work for international NGOs or the UN. 

Here we take a look at some of the main reasons to choose to study your LLM program in Switzerland.

International Organisations 

Networking is an important part of your transferable skills and a brilliant way to meet people in organisations or industries that you wish to work in after you've completed your LLM program. Switzerland and Geneva, in particular, is home to a large number of international organisations, especially NGOs, such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Reporters Without Borders International. This means that studying in Switzerland will bring you closer to these organisations and the opportunity to network with their employees. 

English Speaking Courses

Many universities in Switzerland offer LLM courses in English often with a focus on international legal issues, such as International Trade Law or Business Law. The University of Zurich offers an LLM course in English specialising in International Business Law. The University of Fribourg offers LLM specialisations in International Business Law and International Arbitration Law, and the Geneva Academy offers an LLM in English in International Humanitarian Law. 

Learn Other Foreign Languages 

If you choose to study an LLM program in Switzerland that is taught in English, then it is a good idea to gain some other language skills while you are there. Depending on the part of Switzerland you choose to study in you will find the official language will either be French, German or Italian, and laws are issued in all three languages. Even though your course might be taught in English, improving your foreign language skills always looks good on your CV. 

Explore Europe

Switzerland is located right in the middle of the European continent. This means that you will easily be able to travel to other parts of Europe and experience other cultures while you live and study in Switzerland. Despite not being a member of the EU there are travel agreements between Switzerland and EU countries that make crossing the borders easy. You'll even find some people commute across national borders on a daily basis. 

Strong Academic Reputation

Most of Switzerland's law schools feature in the top 200 law schools in the world – making them the ideal choice for LLM students wanting to further their legal prospects and career.

Here are the top law universities in Switzerland.

Swiss Universities for Law


PLEASE NOTE: As a result of Brexit, from Autumn 2021 postgraduate students from the European Union studying at a UK university will be charged the same tuition fees as international students. UK students studying their postgraduate course at a European university are also likely to incur higher tuition fees than their EU counterparts. It is advisable to check with the individual universities in the UK and Europe for up-to-date information on tuition fees for all postgraduate programs.

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