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Posted March 28, 2019

Situation For LLM Students In Deal Or No Deal Brexit

Brexit LLMWith Brexit just around the corner (or not as the case may be!) there are many unanswered questions for LLM students concerning how Brexit will affect them.

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There are also many new LLM courses that are focussing in Brexit and its legal implications, so Brexit has already changed the content of some European Law courses and could make for some interesting study material. But in this blog we’re here to look at the practicalities of studying an LLM and whatever the outcome, the chances are Brexit is going to impact on LLM students throughout the UK and Europe in some ways. Let’s take a look… 

The Withdrawal Agreement 

The Withdrawal Agreement and its transition period have not yet been agreed by the UK and the Withdrawal Agreement does not contain any agreements regarding university level students. Unless something else is arranged, each EU country is individually working out what they are going to do during the transition period which is only until December of 2020 and many countries have not yet announced their plans for UK postgraduate students, including LLM students, beginning courses in the academic year of 2019-20 and beyond. We recommend that you check with your chosen law school and find out what their policy is.

Tuition fees in the EU for UK & International students 

Only a few EU countries have announced their plans regarding tuition fees for LLM courses post Brexit. Ireland, for practical reasons, will continue to charge LLM students from the UK the same rate as home students. Spain, Finland and Austria have decided to treat LLM students from the UK as international students and will charge accordingly. The majority of EU nations have made individual plans for students who are from the UK and already resident within the EU but have not made arrangements for LLM students from the UK who are planning on moving to the EU during 2019-20. International LLM students from outside the EU and the UK will continue under current tuition fee regulations, so there will be no change for them. Prospective LLM students from the UK who wish to study in an EU country that has not announced there tuition fee plans should contact the law school as early as possible. 

Tuition fees in the UK for EU & International students

LLM tuitions fees, along with all tuition fees, for EU students in the UK have already been guaranteed by the British Government to remain under the same conditions for the academic year 2019-20 as they are currently. So, LLM students from the EU will be charged at the same rate as the home students for the academic year 2019-20 and for the rest of their course if it lasts more than one year. International students from outside of the EU will continue to pay international tuition fee rates to study in the UK – so their situation will remain unchanged. 

Visas for LLM students 

During the transition period, most EU nations will require UK citizens to register their residence, but they currently do not require a visa. For the academic year of 2019-20, in the UK, EU LLM students will also not require visas to study in the UK  either. Students who are planning to embark on an LLM next year should contact the law school they wish to attend to get the most up-to-date local information. For international students from outside the EU nothing will change, so if students require a student visa currently, they will continue to do so in the EU and the UK.

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