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Posted Aug. 27, 2020

Top 5 reasons to study your LLM in Ireland

LLM in IrelandIreland is a great country to live and study in. Ireland's law schools are well funded and well respected internationally offering an opportunity for an excellent legal education.

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The last few years have seen a steady increase in the number of students graduating with a taught LLM program from an Irish law school as this table illustrates.

LLM in Ireland


Here are five reasons why you should consider studying your LLM in Ireland.

Long heritage

Ireland has a long history of offering university-level education and the law is no different. Trinity College Dublin is the oldest university in Ireland and it was established in 1592. There was a wave of universities established in the mid-19th Century including Queen's University Belfast and University College Dublin. There was another group of universities created in the 1970s including the University of Limerick. This gives students a range of educational approaches and practices from the ancient style of Trinity College Dublin to the more modern ways at a law school such as the University of Limerick.

Dual language

Law schools in Ireland teach in English, however, the Irish language is a significant part of the Irish identity and governance in the Republic of Ireland. Laws are written in Irish and English and this means that there can be competing interpretations of the language, however, as stated in the Irish Constitution, the Irish language version holds precedence over the English version. Multilingualism is a part of many countries legal systems, even English speaking ones such as Canada, but English is the predominant language in Ireland and this gives excellent chances for students who want to improve their English skills.

International business links

The Republic of Ireland is home to numerous major international corporations, particularly tech companies, such as Apple, Google, Accenture and Facebook. This means that those students who wish to concentrate on International Business Law or Corporation Law will have lots of opportunities to learn from those already working in the area. For students who wish to have an international career in Business Law, there will be excellent networking events to attend.

Warm & friendly

Ireland is a warm and friendly country where the locals are welcoming and people really enjoy socialising with others, this makes it a great option for international students. The social events held by your law school and student societies, such as the one at the University of Limerick, will be well attended. If you enjoy meeting other people and making friends, then studying your LLM in Ireland is a great choice. The rural areas of Ireland are popular with tourists and the island is easy to travel around, especially by car, and there is plenty to see and do when you are relaxing away from your LLM studies.

Legal complexity in practice

The Republic of Ireland is a full member of the EU and a member of the Eurozone, meaning its currency is the Euro. Meanwhile, Northern Ireland is a devolved nation of the UK and this means it has its own parliament but is a full member of the UK using sterling as its currency, which is the currency of the UK. With the exit of the UK from the EU, this situation will become more complex as the negotiations regarding trade and the movement of people in and out of Northern Ireland continue. This will be a fascinating time to study the law in Ireland as the daily realities of doing business and living on the island of Ireland develop.

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