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Posted Jan. 15, 2019

Top Universities In New Zealand For Law

LLM in New ZealandNew Zealand is a wonderful place to study the law and it attracts many international students from fellow English speaking Common Law countries, like India. 

LLM in New Zealand

In this blog we take a look at the top universities in New Zealand for law and what makes them so great!

Internationally Recognised Qualifications 

All of the universities in New Zealand offer internationally recognised qualifications and their system of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees will be familiar to most students from English speaking countries or from Europe. This means that law schools in New Zealand offer LLMs that are easily transferred to other English speaking Common Law systems, and if you have undertaken a law degree in another Common Law country, then you will be easily able to transfer to the system in New Zealand. This is especially true of students from the UK as the legal system in New Zealand is largely modelled on the system in the UK with a number of legal rulings applying in New Zealand. 

Well Respected Education System 

New Zealand has an internationally renowned education system from early education through to secondary education and on to university. The literacy rates amongst the general population are some of the highest in the world and this academic excellence transfers to the expected standard of work at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Attending an LLM course in New Zealand means you will be surrounded with well-educated fellow students. 

Excellent Academic Reputation 

The academic reputation of law schools in New Zealand is outstanding considering that the population is only 4.7 million people. This small country punches well above its weight academically. The topped ranked law school in New Zealand – The University of Auckland – is ranked 29th globally for law and all of the law schools in New Zealand rank within the top 500 law schools globally

Welcoming Culture 

The welcoming nature of New Zealand carries over to the law schools and universities and is one of the reasons New Zealand is popular with international students. There are plenty of law societies and associations for LLM students to join at all of the law schools, such as those at the University of Otago. This open and relaxed atmosphere makes settling in and socialising easy for new students and will help you to relax during your LLM course. 

Wide Range of LLM Specialities 

There is a variety of LLM courses available for students to study in New Zealand. At the University of Waikato students can focus on Charity Law, Indigenous Population Law, International Trade Law, Finance Law and International Human Rights Law along with gaining an LLM by research. At Victoria University of Wellington students can concentrate on legal issues ranging from Australian and New Zealand Intellectual Property Law to International Arbitration, Health Law and International Trade Law. At the Auckland University of Technology, students focus on Criminal Law, Indigenous Rights and Law and Human Rights Law. 

Top University for Law in New Zealand 

Top Universities For Law In New Zealand


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