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Posted July 8, 2016

Study An LLM Degree In The UK Before Conditions Change!

The decision on whether the UK remains or leaves the EU has been made. So what does it mean for candidates wishing to apply to UK universities to study an LLM?

Although we now know that there would be no immediate change to the current situation and that the referendum result which decided that the UK would leave the EU, does not affect LLM students currently studying in the UK or those applying for 2016-17. So for those candidates filling out their applications for the 2016-17 entry, it is indeed good news – there is no change to fees and funding options remain the same.

Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty has not been invoked yet. However, the formal withdrawal of UK’s membership from the EU should take at least two years, which could mean that any change is unlikely to happen in this time unless the UK government announced further updates.


It is still unclear though as to what is likely to be decided for future in UK’s higher education in the long term – that is whether new arrangements with the EU would increase LLM tuition fees, change the structure of funding options or modify entry requirements to study in the UK. The questions about how the referendum result could affect higher education and research will be considered as part of wider discussion about the UK’s future relationship with the EU as recently stated by the UK’s Minister of State for Universities and Science. However at this stage it is not known what the longer term impact of leaving the EU will have on the overall UK policy on higher education. 

Online sources cite that UK courses may become unaffordable to many Europeans and UK could lose the benefits of being part of the EU Erasmus exchange program. Although these could count as early reactions at this stage, only time will tell as to what the actual impacts are likely to be especially given that it could be months before negotiations actually get under way.

We advise that you check law school websites regularly for updates on LLM admissions and entry requirements. Meanwhile for general information on LLM fees and funding, we’ve got detailed information on our website here.


Given the uncertainty of what the future may hold in terms of changes to the LLM tuition fees, student loans and bursaries, it would be a good plan to apply sooner to study am LLM degree in the UK than later. If you feel anxious that any changes to study conditions in the UK in the future could possibly discourage you from applying for a Master of Laws, then there is no better time than now to apply for an LLM degree then now!

Without further ado, you could start by getting in touch with law schools that you are interested in applying to, and requesting necessary information that you need in order to apply.


There are several law schools within the UK that are still taking in applications for the September 2016/17 intake. Some of these institutions include Edinburgh Law School, Queen Mary University of London and City University London. So keep an eye out for deadline dates and apply soon! We also advise that you communicate with colleges directly to get a better idea of deadlines and extensions to apply.

PLEASE NOTE: As a result of Brexit, from Autumn 2021 postgraduate students from the European Union studying at a UK university will be charged the same tuition fees as international students. UK students studying their postgraduate course at a European university are also likely to incur higher tuition fees than their EU counterparts. It is advisable to check with the individual universities in the UK and Europe for up-to-date information on tuition fees for all postgraduate programs.


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