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Posted Sept. 13, 2016

Are UK Law Schools Committing To Home Fees For EU Students Post Brexit?

LLM Brexit CommitmentWhen Britain voted to leave the European Union in this year’s referendum, it caused panic in many areas, including the higher education sector. UK universities have a high number of European students that currently have their studies funded in the same way as UK students. Essentially up until the Brexit issue UK (Home) students and EU students were treated as one in terms of tuition fees and student funding.


Since the referendum, the University Minister, Jo Johnson addressed the issue in his statement of June 27th. According to the Independent online, Mr Johnson confirmed that students from the European Union, set to study in the UK this term, will continue to have their tuition funded by British student loans. This will no doubt comfort some European students committed to studying at a UK university. Furthermore, Universities UK have also announced this September, that there will be, ‘no immediate change to the tuition fees paid by current EU students attending UK universities’.

Dame Julia Goodfellow, the President of Universities UK (UUK) said in her keynote address to university leaders at their annual members’ conference, “We believe that British universities can thrive post-exit with the right support from government”.

Rather than an instant overhaul of financial support for European students in the UK, the process is expected to take at least up to two years and will not even begin until the UK has triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Article 50 is Britain’s formal signal to the EU that it intends to leave. Queen’s Counsel for the government, Jason Coppel, also confirmed that Theresa May will not be initiating Article 50 this year.

Additionally, The Student Loans Company confirms that EU students that are currently registered for student finance this autumn, will continue to receive finance for the length of their course.


The law schools in the UK are still very keen for EU students to choose to study in the UK. Examples of UK law schools offering funding for tuition to EU students living outside the UK are listed as follows:

European Students who live outside the UK will be eligible for partial tuition fees under their scholarship program atLoughborough University subject to SFE guidelines.

Nottingham Trent Law School offers scholarships and bursaries to EU students and states that if UK residency requirements are fulfilled, European students will be categorised as a home student. This means fees and maybe even living costs could be funded.

The City Law School, London, states both UK and EU students are eligible for Tuition Fee and Maintenance loans through the Student Loans Company. The school also offers scholarships and bursaries.

Queen Mary University of London currently offers two scholarships; one for Non Commercial Law LLM Scholarships for Home/EU students and the other Commercial Law LLM Scholarships for Home/EU students.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but illustrates that the funding opportunities for EU students are still very much available in the UK. The legal education sector is currently stable for EU students wishing to study in the UK, although postgrad law students are urged to take advantage of the current situation as soon as possible.


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