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Studying an LLM (Master of Laws) in Israel

LLMs in Israel

It is not surprising that Israel is such a popular place to study for an LLM. The first class university facilities attract the brightest minds from around the world creating an ideal environment to study and carry out research. Meanwhile, the country itself has so much to offer with its diversity and cultural heritage. Located in Western Asia, there are many reasons why you should choose Israel as a base for your studies.

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Five great reasons to study for your LLM in Israel

  1. Israel attracts a high calibre of students and teachers from around the world to study and carry out research at the first class universities. 
  2. If you enjoy warm sunny weather, when the heat is not too oppressive, then Israel has the perfect climate for you – as it enjoys long, warm summers and short cool winters – perfect!
  3. The Israeli economy is thriving thanks to high-tech industries, meaning that the country enjoys a high standard of living and all the facilities that this provides.
  4. Israel has a huge number of fascinating places – be they natural, cultural or historical interest – for you to visit and explore.
  5. Need to take a break from your studies and let you hair down? Then head for Tel Aviv where the party never stops.

Israel – the perfect fusion of old and new

Israel is both a very new and very old country at the same time. The modern state was established in 1948, but its roots go back for thousands of years as the birthplace of the Jewish people. Home to over 7.8 million people, this semi-arid country sits on the Mediterranean Coast in the Middle East. The Israeli Shekel is one of the oldest units of currency in the world but today’s thriving economy is lead by high-tech industries. The standard of living in Israel is high and continuing to rise, out-pacing the recession that has blighted many other countries. On average the country enjoys a long warm summer period and mild winters, making for a very pleasant climate. Israeli youth has a live-for-today attitude, and this is particularly true in its second city Tel Aviv, often voted one of the coolest cities on the planet. 

Tel Aviv: a vibrant international city

Tel Aviv is a vibrant international hub of innovation and technology. Its thriving, accessible startup ecosystem is rivaled only by the Silicon Valley and is fed by Tel Aviv’s unparalleled culture of innovation and young, creative energy. Venture capital firms, seed funds and accelerators, co-working spaces, free Wi-Fi, global events, major international hi-tech firms, leading research and academic institutions, and the highest density of startups per square kilometer in the world – it’s no wonder Tel Aviv was ranked one of the two most innovative cities in the world by the Wall Street Journal, and one of the top three tourist destinations by Lonely Planet. Set to the backdrop of a cutting-edge art scene, beautiful beaches, outdoor cafes, urban edge, and a thriving culinary scene, Tel Aviv is not just a global business center, but also the ultimate Nonstop City.

LLM in IsraelWhere to study your LLM in Israel

Israel has four faculties of law – these are based at Tel-Aviv University (TAU), Bar Ilan University (BIU), the University of Haifa, and Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI). TAU has a student body of over 30,000 students, plus another 1,000 international students each year. It offers 50 law courses taught entirely in English and the LLM program offers four tracks: Technology, Business, State & Religion, and Global Governance & Human Rights. BIU has a unique blend of traditional and modern teachings and is leading a revitalisation of Jewish learning. Haifa is known for its multiculturalism, bringing together people from a wealth of different backgrounds to study together. HUJI welcomes visiting professors and scholars from around the world to teach and carry out research. 

What to expect from your studies

LLM students in Israel explore actual case studies, simulated cases and an examination of the theory and practical examples relating to their chosen field. The areas in which students can specialise include human rights, patent law, international and business law, taxation and economics. 

What the students say

"Studying a Master in Law is more than going to classes and studying in the library. It’s about a whole new experience - an enriching experience in professional, cultural, social and personal spheres. Tel Aviv University fulfilled my requirements to the fullest." 
Tammy Pustilnick, Tel Aviv University

"Considering that Israel is the 'Start-up Nation', going to Israel is my number 1 option. Everyone in Spain prefers to go to London or the US, but not me. I really want to go to Tel Aviv University to learn more about your magic.”
Ignacio from Spain 

Entry requirements for an LLM Program in Israel

Typical entry requirements to study an LLM in Israel begin with a first class law degree; in addition, applicants will need to submit their law degree transcripts and diplomas, CV, personal statement, two letters of recommendation and an English proficiency certificate if the degree was not in the English language.

All international students require a Student Visa (A-2) which must be secured before they arrive in the country. This is valid for one year and is a multiple entry document allow for trips abroad and back home. The visas are available from the nearest Israeli embassy or consulate by personal application. The scholarly year is generally from the beginning of September through to early/mid July and the end of exams.

LLM in IsraelTuition fees in Israel

Tuition fees to study an LLM program in Israel vary slightly, however if you look at those at Tel-Aviv University you can get a good idea of what you can expect to pay. At this university the tuition fees for its LLM course are made up of an application fee of $100, tuition costs of $20,000 and an optional housing cost of $8,800, making a total of US $28,800. Sharing a room on campus brings housing costs down to $600 month, or students can find their own apartments in the heart of the city, walking distance to the country's best beaches and nightlife. Tuition for LLM programs in Israel are far less expensive than their American counterparts. 

What to do when you aren’t studying

For students in Israel there are plenty of ways to occupy any free time and make the most of studying abroad. The capital city Jerusalem has a host of religiously significant sites, important to a number of different denominations. The city of Tel Aviv offers a rare blend of world-class culture and global innovation, and boasts one of the world’s leading nightlife scenes. Home to hundreds of theatres, music venues and galleries, the world’s largest grouping of Bauhaus architecture, and some great parties it’s no wonder the New York Times declared Tel Aviv the 'Capital of Mediterranean Cool'. Tel Aviv’s young energy is contagious and between the bars, cafés, restaurants, and street parties, the city runs on full energy 24/7. Surfers, trendy boutiques, sizzling beaches, gourmet cuisine, parks and green spaces – the city thrives on the unexpected, the diverse and the spontaneous. The Mediterranean coast is ideal for a number of water sports including snorkelling and diving, or simply enjoying the beach. Eilat is renowned for the coral reefs and shoals of colourful fish that abound there. For the more party oriented Tel Aviv hails itself as the city that never sleeps and home to the amazing sights, sounds and smells of Carmel market. A great place to relax and revitalize is the Dead Sea, the lowest point in the world. Here the super salty sea water is so buoyant that people can float unaided, even lie back and read if they wish. 

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