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Law School Scholarships In India

Law School Scholarships In India So you want to go to law school in India to study your LLM? It wasn't that long ago that academically able students who could not afford to attend university courses were often unable to do so, however, this has changed a great deal in recent years and there are plenty of funding opportunities available.

Many governmental scholarships have to be applied for far in advance and are considered by students while they are still at school, even for postgraduate study.

If you are an international student, then you will probably have more luck with scholarships or bursaries from your home nation than those available for students in India. 

Funding India LLMHow to find out about LLM scholarships 

There is no one best way to find out about scholarships for LLM study in India. Like most law schools around the world, the best place to start your search is with your university or institution as most will publish lists of scholarships that are available for students to apply for. These might be listed online, but making the effort to go out and speak with your professors during the application process, as well as with current or former students is a great way to network and find out about scholarships.

Industry and academic publications, such as the India Law Journal, are another source of information about scholarships. Other websites, such as compile long lists of scholarships. Chat with as many people as you can that are already working in the area of the law you are planning on specialising in to find out what publications are the most respected.

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 LLM in IndiaWhat information do you need to provide? 

The information you will need to provide during the application process will vary on the funding source of the scholarship and the reasons why the scholarship exists. You will need to prove your current and past academic record, and if the LLM scholarship is based on a faith, ethnicity or membership to an organisation, you will need to provide evidence of your membership of the specific group.

If you are applying in advance of your course, then you will need to provide evidence of your acceptance onto the course. Many scholarships in India are highly competitive and you will find that there are coaching centres dedicated to helping students gain access to these funding sources as some, especially government-funded scholarships, involve an examination. The demand placed on scholarships and bursaries in India means that you should apply as early as you can.

Some scholarships in India will ask for an application fee and some will not, so be sure that you trust that it is a genuine scholarship from a trusted source before paying an application fee. 

LLM in IndiaPopular Indian scholarships 

The most popular scholarships in India are ones that provide for all or most of a student's costs for the study of any subject, and these are often applied for while students are still in Class 10 at school – such as the National Talent Search Examinations run by the National Council of Education and Training or the CBSE Central Sector Scholarships.

There are fewer scholarships aimed at those students pursuing postgraduate courses in law and those that do also tend to include law students with students in other subject areas such as business, management and economics. This means that they are very popular and therefore rather competitive.  


Available Funding

Aditya Birla Scholarship

Rs 1,800,000 per student per year

CBSE Scholarship

Rs 1,000 per month for 3 years of UG study

Rs 2,000 per month for year 4 and 5 for UG study or for 2 years of PG study


Rs 2,000 for UG and PG study



LLM in IndiaUniversity scholarships and bursaries 

Many Indian universities provide scholarships or bursaries to their students especially the private ones.

There are some universities based in the UK or the US with links to India that offer Indian students who have studied with them scholarships to continue their studies back home in India.

Each law school will produce lists of scholarships available and, unlike some institutions in other countries, universities in India do not automatically consider students for scholarships so it is worth inquiring about funding that you think you might be eligible for.

Postgraduate law students at universities in India are also eligible to apply for one of our Global LLM Study Bursaries worth £500.

Find an LLM in INDIA

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