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Australian LLM Tuition Fees & Study Costs

Australia Tuition Fees So you've decided you want to study your Master of Laws in Australia, and the next thing you need to do is
work out what Australian law school you're going to study at. When you're assessing the various LLM courses in Australia, a big part of your decision will be about the tuition fees that you will have to pay. This is especially important if you are taking out bank and/or student loans to cover the costs of your Master of Laws in Australia.

Different law schools charge different amounts for their LLM programs, and prices also tend to differ between domestic and international students at each Australian law school. Online and distance learning courses often cost less money than on-campus courses, and by taking a part-time option the cost of the LLM program is spread out over a longer time.

Bear in mind that studying a Master of Laws means that although you're making a significant financial investment, you are also investing in your future career and earning potential, so try not to be put off by the tuition fees!

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Domestic Students Tuition Fees 

Citizens of Australia and New Zealand are both considered domestic students as are those with permanent Australian Residency Visas or Humanitarian Visas. All other students are considered international students regardless of which country they are resident in when they apply for their LLM program. At most Australian law schools domestic students tend to pay a lower tuition fee than international students for LLM courses, and the tuition fees can range from between $18,280 to $44,500.

Australian University Tuition Fees for Domestic Students

University of Melbourne – $44,500 
University of Queensland – $38,160
University of Sydney – $35,000 
University of New South Wales – $33,360
University of Western Australia – $32,200
Monash University – $31,700
Australian National University – $30,096
University of Adelaide – $28,000
Macquarie University – $25,462
Griffith University – $23,500
Queensland University of Technology – $22,400
University of Technology Sydney – $18,280

International Students Tuition Fees 

Tuition fees for some institutions in Australia are different for international and domestic and in other law schools the tuition fees are the same for all students. International students can expect to pay tuition fees from between $20,575 to $44,500 for an LLM.

Australian University Tuition Fees for International Students

University of Melbourne – $44,500
University of Sydney – $44,500 
Australian National University – $42,960
University of New South Wales – $41,520
Monash University – $41,400
University of Adelaide – $38,500
University of Queensland – $38,160
University of Western Australia – $37,300
Queensland University of Technology – $33,600
Griffith University – $23,500
University of Technology Sydney – $20,575

Part-Time & Online LLM Tuition Fees 

Part-time students can usually study an LLM program over five years. Students pay by the module, which is counted as six units, and at Monash University the tuition fee cost $3,962.50 per six units for domestic students and $5,175 per six units for international students. At the University of New South Wales (UNSW Law), it costs $4,170 per six units for domestic students and $5,190 per six units for international students. It takes eight modules or 48 units to gain an LLM at both institutions. Online course fees do tend to be a little lower for example the online LLM in International Law at Griffith University is $23,500 for all students. 

Miscellaneous Fees 

Australian law schools often have application fees of around $125 per year of study. Student amenity fees and student association fees are also required to be paid each year, and students should expect these to come to around $300 per year. If you are an international student, then your visa application will cost you $560 each time you apply. 

Other Costs

Most institutions expect LLM students to spend at least another $1,000 per year on textbooks. And don't forget about moving costs and set a budget for purchasing items like new laptops and stationery. You will also have a cost to any associated work experience or internships that you take up during the university holidays. Commuting costs can add up and you should expect to spend around $40 a week on travel. International Students must also have Overseas Student Health Cover, which costs around $500 per year for a single student on minimum cover. You need to factor in living costs as well and the Australian Government requires international students to have around $19,000 in funds available in addition to the funding for their tuition fees. Accommodation can cost anything from $90 per week to $600 per week depending on the location and if meals are included or not. You'll need extra spending money for items such as clothing, and you should factor in at least $200 each month on socialising.

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