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Best Universities For Law In New Zealand

Law schools in New Zealand are well respected and a number of them are internationally renowned.

International students, particularly those from the Pacific Islands and India, are attracted to study law in New Zealand
because of similarities in language and legal systems, as well as the high standard of teaching. They are also keen on
experiencing living in New Zealand.

New Zealand Law School Rankings








Here we're going to take a look at how to choose the best university for law in New Zealand.

Victoria Law School New ZealandWays to select a law school in New Zealand 

Rankings are always a good way to start searching for the perfect law school for you, especially if you are unfamiliar with a country's law school system, but make sure you find out the methodology of the rankings. If you have already studied your undergraduate law degree in New Zealand, then speak with your current or former professors who will have knowledge about where the right place to continue your studies might be. Obviously, the LLM courses and law school offers are important, but also consider the specialisms available to undergraduates as this will guide you to what might be on offer in the general LLM course. Review the academic staff at the law school you are considering and ensure that they have experience in your interests and career aims. 

Find out more about the New Zealand law schools

If you are in New Zealand, then a campus visit is the perfect way to find out what life as an LLM student would be like. Alternatively, you can get plenty of information online or from reviewing prospectuses. Make contact with current and former students and have a look at any social media pages relating to the law course you're considering or the law school in general. Ideally, you will know someone who has attended the law school you are thinking about and you can get an honest opinion about its suitability for you from someone who knows a little about you already. 

What about the LLM course? 

To find out more about the LLM course you’re considering, review any details you can find, such as module titles and content. Make contact with the professors and tutors with specific questions after you have found out as much as you can. Networking within the legal field you wish to specialise in is very useful for finding out if the course you are considering is well respected within the industry. Try to speak with someone who is already in the position you wish to be in and see if they think the course is a good move to make. 

What is life outside of studying like? 

Most law schools will be proud of their local legal links and you can ask specific questions about areas of the law that you wish to work in to find out if you will easily gain the experience you need. Have a read through the law school's student law society's event pages to see if they hold the sorts of law clinics and other legal practice experiences that you require. Most law schools, like Otago University, have websites and social media pages for their student law societies. It's important to have a good understanding of what it will be like to live in New Zealand as an LLM student.

Any other considerations 

If you are struggling to find an LLM course that is the perfect fit for your interests, then have a look into the research that is undertaken by different law schools. This will guide you to where the cutting edge of legal knowledge might be and where you may be able to complete an LLM by Research rather than a taught masters programme. Current research areas are often listed on a university's website, as Auckland Law School does. You can find out more about different areas of the law in New Zealand by keeping up to date with legal publications and find out which academic staff are conducting new research. 

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