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LLM Students In South Africa

LLM students in South AfricaThe numbers of domestic LLM students in South Africa have been rising because of recent changes to
government funding. South Africa's growing economy and lessons conducted in English mean that it is also very popular with LLM students from across the African continent and beyond, although the number of international students in South Africa has dropped in recent years due to visa issues and global economics.

Why Study an LLM in South Africa? 

So let's take a look at some of the reasons to study your LLM in South Africa. The Common Law system in South Africa combined with the dominance of English as the language of the government and education systems means that for many international students South Africa offers an affordable place to study the law. These students are attracted by the possibility of travelling to one of the many English speaking Common Law countries with their qualifications, as well as returning home to work. Many of the law schools in South Africa are very highly respected globally and a number of the best universities in Africa are located in South Africa. Combine this with the array of students from different cultures from within South Africa mean that many international students feel immediately at home in South Africa. There are major political student movements in South Africa campaigning to reduce the cost of attending university, and this has lead to many more students entering university education in South Africa. This will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of domestic LLM students in the near future. The growing economy of South Africa and its status as one of the largest economies in Africa mean that both international and domestic LLM students are drawn to South African law schools because of the potential for employment in South Africa after they graduate. 

Law School Facilities 

Most law schools in South Africa offer an LLM program in some form, although some will only offer an LLM by Research, and they all offer some great facilities and opportunities for LLM students. The majority of law schools are large departments that offer a number of different areas of the law for students to focus on. The University of Stellenbosch's Faculty of Law has several departments within the faculty focusing on Mercantile Law, Private Law and Public Law. All law schools in South Africa have law clinics, legal centres and research institutes, such as the South African Research Chair in Property Law located at the University of Stellenbosch, or the ones at the University of the Western Cape. These law clinics, legal centres and research institutes give LLM students a wonderful taste of practical legal skills they will need throughout their careers. Student sports clubs and societies are a big part of campus life for many full-time LLM students searching for a way to blow off steam outside of their legal studies. 

University Facilities 

Like many universities around the world, South African universities offer a great range of sports clubs and societies for students to join. This is a great advantage for LLM students as a full-time LLM course can be serious work and getting away from your studies is always a good step. The University of Cape Town has over 40 different clubs and societies for both students and staff to join. The National Union of South African Students had a key role in radical politics during the apartheid era, but it was dissolved in 1991 and the South African Union of Students continues to campaign for fairer access to university education. Each university campus has their own student association that administers the official student clubs and societies. 

International Students in South Africa by Home Nation

Here's a breakdown showing the most popular countries that international students in South Africa hailed from in 2014*.

International Students In South Africa



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