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Fulbright Scholarships for LLM students in the USA

Fulbright ScholarshipsThe Fulbright Scholarship is a program of different awards that are available to students from countries other than the USA who are intending to study in the US (and for US students looking to study in other countries). Today the commission continues to work toward this goal by offering scholarships and running its Education USA information service. To date, the financial and practical support the scheme offers has helped many international students study in the USA, for example it has helped over 15,000 UK students to study in the USA. The commission runs events, answers queries and provides a wealth of online information about studying at a US university. There is also a global Fulbright program, which has benefited over 300,000 past students. Funding is provided by the UK and the US governments, with further monies donated by generous institutions and individuals.

Am I be eligible For a Fulbright Scholarship?

To be eligible for a Fulbright award you must be a UK citizen, but you can be currently living in any other country, with the exception of the United States. If you are not a UK citizen there are a number of other Fulbright schemes which you may be entitled to, you can check on their website for more details. In addition, each award that is provided under the Fulbright name has a specific set of selection requirements. For example, the award that could be most suitable for an LLM student is the postgraduate Leon Jaworski International Law Award. This is available to people who are pursuing a masters degree with an emphasis on human rights laws and international law.

Should I apply for a Fulbright Award?

If you think you might want to apply for a Fulbright Scholarship, the Fulbright team is on hand to answer any questions you have about taking an LLM at a US law school. Furthermore, their advisors have a wealth of experience that the administrators of other scholarships may not, plus the package they offer is highly supportive. Once you are accepted they will provide assistance with arranging a visa, advise you on the best health insurance policies, orientate you for the year ahead and provide a de-briefing session on your return.

Will a Fulbright Scholarship restrict my choices?

A Fulbright Scholarship is offered according to quite strict criteria and as they are so in demand, there is little chance of the scheme relaxing its rules. Some awards are school specific, but more often they are offered to students based on the subject they intend to study. Take a look at the awards available on their website to see if the school or specialisation you are considering, falls into one of the scholarships listed.

How do I apply for a Fulbright Scholarship?

Having established that you are eligible for a scholarship and consulted the Fulbright Commission’s Advisory Service for confirmation, you can follow the specific application procedures for your award. In most cases this involves filling in an online application form, providing references, and creating a compelling personal statement. If Fulbright is impressed, your application is shortlisted and you will be asked to attend an interview. This will usually take place before a committee of both US and UK Fulbright representatives and lasts around 45 minutes. Having spoken to you, a decision will be made on whether you will be offered an award and how much it will be, you are usually notified of the outcome within 12 days.


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