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Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Lisbon): LL.M. Law in a Digital Economy

Institution Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Lisbon)
Department Single tier structure View department profile
Study type Taught


Digital technologies are reshaping virtually every field of law. The emergence and rapid development of technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain and the Internet of Things have been testing the boundaries of existing legal rules and sparking debate on whether they are fit for purpose. The aim of this programme is to prepare students to understand and anticipate these challenges and to become skilled practitioners in a digital economy.

With that goal in mind, the programme is designed to provide students with the necessary technical knowledge on the functioning of emerging technologies. We believe that our graduates will only be able to competently engage with the stakeholders of a digital economy – be they regulators, start-up entrepreneurs or major tech companies – if they grasp how the technological context shapes the legal issues they are faced with.

Technology lawyers need also operate in the context of multiple jurisdictions and feel comfortable working with legal sources from different origins. In keeping with the approach of the other programmes offered by Católica Global School of Law, the courses taught within the LL.M. ‘Law in a Digital Economy’ will have a global focus, instead of a strictly domestic or regional one.

Moreover, these are courses that will require students to come to class fully prepared and to actively participate. Pro-active learning is essential to develop students’ critical thinking and adaptability – two skills that are crucial for those who will practice in a field of law that is in relentless evolution.

Católica Global School of Law  


Why Católica Global School of Law
Launched in 2009, Católica Global School of Law is a leading law school in Europe, committed to a distinct way of teaching and learning the law. This transnational centre of legal education and research brings together stellar faculty and students from all around the world in the enchanting city of Lisbon. Católica has gathered a number of resident and visiting professors who are among the world’s best in their fields, giving students access to the finest teachers that they could possibly have.

Católica offers three cutting-edge LL.M. programmes and …

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