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Posted April 30, 2018

6 Reasons To Study An LLM Environmental Law

Reasons to study an LLM in Environmental LawThere are plenty of students who are ideal candidates to study an LLM in Environmental Law and this wide-ranging topic can lead to a variety of exciting career paths.

LLM in Environmental Law

It's important to check the emphasis of your course carefully when it comes to LLMs in Environmental Law. Some courses can concentrate a little more on topics such as Natural Resource Law or Land Use Law, whilst others can focus more closely on topics like environmental change. 

Here are six reasons why you should opt to study an LLM in Environmental Law, whatever course you choose.

1. To advise on environmental policy & campaigning

With an LLM in Environmental Law, you will be able to work for national and international governmental bodies, advising on environmental policy. Alternatively, you could choose to work for organisations involved in campaigning and protesting about changes in Environmental Law around the world. If environmental change is important to you, then you can help groups campaigning for legal change in a rewarding and challenging career. 

2. To understand the legal aspects of environmental change

Changes to the environment produce new and unexpected legal issues and understanding the implications of these is what environmental lawyers specialise in. With the constant development of both technology and changes to the environment, Environmental Law specialists are a vital part of the growing regulation.

3. It will enable you to work for some of the largest international companies in the energy industry

As we mentioned at the beginning, different LLMs in Environmental Law will have a different emphasis so if you hanker after a career in a large international energy company make sure you choose an appropriate course. Many LLMs in Environmental Law have an emphasis on the regulation of the energy industry. Understanding the many international treaties governing the access of oil and the creation of energy is important, as they are complex and varied. International companies in the energy sector require legal advice on their daily business transactions and the exploration of new oil fields. 

4. You can become involved with the regulation of industry

Many environmental lawyers become involved in advising on the many regulations that are involved with industry. Areas that require advise and regulation can vary as broadly as the regulation of which pollutants can be released into the atmosphere or into rivers and streams by factories or the law surrounding the disposal of farm waste. Other environmental lawyers are also involved in the study of the sustainability of new technology in various industries. 

5. It’s a growing area of the law

The regulation and policies that involve Environmental Law increase on an almost daily basis. This means that companies in a wide range of industries require regular advice and guidance over their current practices. Often those advising on new policy and Environmental Law are involved on the cutting edge of new technologies and their governance. Widely differing areas of industry, from the manufacture of goods to the management of forestry and the growing of food, all involve Environmental Law. This makes Environmental Law an exciting, dynamic and growing area of the law work in. 

6. Your career can be global 

The world's natural resources are a global concern, and if you wish your career to span the world with an LLM in Environmental Law it can do, especially if you also choose to study your LLM program internationally. Increasingly international treaties control and restrict the use of certain resources or the use of land and environmental lawyers are required by almost all international companies to advise them.

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