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Posted Sept. 10, 2019

6 Reasons To Study An LLM In Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property LawStudying an LLM in Intellectual Property Law or the narrower field of Copyright Law, will give you the chance to have a career in a growing area of the law with some of the most exciting technology companies or creative businesses in the world. 

LLM Intellectual Property Law

In this blog we’re going to take a look at six reasons why you should choose to study an LLM in Intellectual Property Law

Gain specialist knowledge 

Undertaking an LLM in Intellectual Property Law early on in your career will give you the specialist knowledge to engage and understand the key issues within the field of Intellectual Property Law. An LLM is also an excellent way to grow your career or change direction with a single intensive burst of study, and is a great way to develop other skills, such as presenting or IT skills, to improve your career in addition to legal knowledge. 

Excellent employment opportunities

Increasingly Intellectual Property Law is used by companies, organisations and governments to protect their work and creative processes. There are a growing number of legal practises that specialise in Intellectual Property Law and Copyright Law, and this has increased in recent years. This means there are plenty of employment opportunities for those who have focused on this area already. 

Innovative international companies

The creative industries are becoming a significant part of the economies of many countries – like the UK – and knowledge of the intricate details of Intellectual Property Law is vital to the way this sector operates. Protecting new ideas and technology to ensure that technology companies keep a competitive edge over others in the sector is a key part of many global businesses sales strategies, like Apple and Samsung. 

Wide-reaching impact

The expansive nature of Intellectual Property Law is a surprise to many people outside of the sector. All people within the creative industries have an interest in protecting their ideas and creations along with a desire for others to hear or see them – and this is where Intellectual Property Law comes in. There is also the nature of the creative industries gaining inspiration from other sources along with impacts on freedoms of expression and free speech which touches any consumer of creative products or technologies that all involve Intellectual Property Law. 

Networking opportunities

An LLM will give you an excellent chance to network with those who are already working within Intellectual Property Law and to find employers who are seeking those who are specialising in it. You will also be able to use the network of contacts of your law school and the personal network of your tutors and lecturers. This will help you find your next position after you complete your LLM and your classmates will become the colleagues and contacts of the future.

Shape a nation

Using Intellectual Property Law and Copyright Law to develop and expand the economy of a nation is a popular method in several countries. With the growth in the importance of the creative industries to many economies, as well as the importance of the legal protection given to new technological ideas, by concentrating your efforts in this field you could be contributing towards shaping a nation by helping to develop their Intellectual Property Laws to encourage international investment. 

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