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Posted Aug. 6, 2018

6 Reasons To Study An LLM In Property Law

LLM in Property LawProperty Law is one of the most popular areas of law. This field delves into the intricacies on the matters of property, encompassing personal property, real property, and intellectual property.

LLM in Property Law

Years ago there was no difference between property and real property, but with today’s growing needs and demands, we have different laws that need to come into play for each and every aspect of this law to be met and upheld. Nowadays, there are differences between property and premises (land and buildings on it), as well as land and property (other things such as other material possessions or intellectual property rights).

Here we’ll take a look at six reasons to study property law.

You’ll always have a job!

This field of law is too deep to navigate without the help of a property lawyer. Almost everyone has attachments to property and will need a lawyer at some point to help them run this through. Be it property buying, selling, wills, estate etc. Hence, as an expert in property law you will never be idle.

It’s a dynamic field

The constant flux and changes within the field of property law will keep things interesting and keep lawyers on their toes. Constant changes are prone due to governments or otherwise, and each lawyer needs to make sure he/she is in top form to protect their client’s interests. This will certainly keep things interesting.

Where there’s a will there’s a way…

Estate laws and wills is a growing field of interest for many budding lawyers. More and more people are starting to draft wills and leaving their belongings, especially property, to their loved ones, or in case of sudden death, division of such property, in the country’s legally prescribed way, shall be the estate lawyer’s job.

Keep your options open

If you specialise in property law then a whole host of career options will open up. Lots of avenues are available for those who pursue this LLM including real estate, town planning, commercial letting, building and construction and legal services as well as top companies engaged in such businesses regarding property laws.

IPR law is expanding

Ever increasing developments in technology has resulted in a massive expansion in the field of Intellectual Property Law. There have been numerous case laws that have widened the scope, and you could find yourself swamped with work in this field, especially if the rate of technology progress and people asserting their rights over their intellectually created property keeps up.

The devil is in the detail

Nuances are the key to making it big in this area of law. There are the bigger aspects like acquisitions and disposals, as well as smaller details that are just as important to keep the smooth flow in a transaction, and these are all key to making it big as a property lawyer.

In short, property law is an area that will grow more important as time passes, because property will always remain an important part of every culture

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