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Posted Dec. 5, 2016

6 Ways to Keep on Track with Your LLM Studies

LLM Student SuccessThe secret to becoming a successful student is in studying smart. This is especially more important while advancing your education. Normally, an hour or two dedicated to studies on a daily basis may be enough to assist you to attain good grades in high school. However, while undertaking a Master of Laws degree, there might not be enough time to comprehend all the information learnt if you do not study smart.

It is fair to say that a Master of Laws degree is taxing and requires hard work. However, many people have gone through the process successfully. Below are ideas that can assist LLM students to go through the course effectively.

1. Establish a healthy relationship with your teacher

It is in your tutor’s interest that you realise your maximum potential with your studies. Make sure to exploit this advantage. While there is so much emphasis on individual work in the LLM coursework, it is crucial to interact with your teacher often for guidance and advice.

A healthy student-teacher relationship is paramount especially for distance learning students or those studying a Master of Laws degree by research. The lack of course mates means that lecturer meetings are the only way to discuss progress.

2. Get a study plan

A Master of Law degree is intense and might need the student to put in effort in their studies to achieve success. Preparation and good organisation is, therefore, key. As such, a stable daily routine and timetable will help you establish study habits and reduce time wasted.

Full-time students should plan their study time around their prearranged lecturers and seminars. Part-time students might have to plan their time effectively during the weekend and holidays. It might be challenging to succeed without a strict working plan.

3. Find the right place to study

Picking the right place to study at home is essential as it has a significant influence on the effectiveness of the study period. For example, studying in your own room might not be effective as there are a number of distractions such as TV, magazines and video games. Insist on finding a quiet and well-lit environment to study in. Moreover, make sure that your desk and chair are designed well for greater productivity.

4. Be organised

Books and notes can become overwhelming as studies progress. You need to keep track of where all study material is and why you need it. Make sure to separate your study material into categories such as lectures, seminars, and personal studies. Be sure not to postpone organising your study material as you might end up forgetting why you needed some of the paperwork.

5. Spend time with course peers

An LLM program requires support from peers to relieve stress and bounce ideas off each other. Distance learning students can make sure to use online group chats and weekend sessions to make contact with fellow study peers. Associating with people undertaking the same course as you can help generate new ideas and reduce pressure.

6. Revising topics regularly

Prosperous scholars assess what they learn in class during their free time. This will ensure that they are well prepared to learn new material that builds upon the previous knowledge acquired in class. Moreover, constant revision of classwork will result in better understanding of the concepts.

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