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Posted Sept. 17, 2021

6 reasons to study an LLM in Corporate Law

LLM in Corporate LawCorporate law is an important area of study that helps govern businesses and companies. It is a legal code of laws that protect a new or existing business’s rights, rules, and regulations. Corporate lawyers come up with financial rules to help in business management.

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LLMs in Corporate Law are taught at a range of prestigious law schools – including Edinburgh Law School – and they are a good idea for those students with a keen interest in developing their legal career, particularly if they’re also interested in the business world. Students choosing this area of study are likely to become equipped with the knowledge and advocating skills by undertaking programs that educate on corporate law, procurement, and other law subjects. It is evident that having an LLM in Corporate Law is important to both businesses and lawyers. It adds to the basic knowledge in business and archives to ensure secure business management. If you are thinking of advancing your career, you may consider LLM in Corporate Law for endless reasons. Here are our top six.

1. Specialist knowledge

An LLM in Corporate Law will equip the students with a deep understanding of financial and economic concepts in the corporate world. LLM students will get training on governance and exercising laws and regulations in matters of corporate law. An LLM in Corporate Law aims to offer students and lawyers a chance to study various aspects of corporate law; this includes; constitution amendments, legal research and methodology, government policies, business competition, international business and client laws on taxations and their legal rights.

2. Corporate career

Over recent times, there have been increasingly reported cases of corporate fraud. To help cope with the rise of disputes, companies and well-established organisations are employing professional corporate lawyers; who have full knowledge and skills in financial and economic governance in the corporate world to help in the smooth running of their workforce and prevent business fraud. A candidate who has an LLM in Corporate Law is likely to have the advantage over other job applicants, as they will have extensive and relevant training on business management and corporate laws.

3. Business management

LLM students on this course will learn how to communicate professionally with those in the business world, making them better positioned to handle business negotiations and avoid any unnecessary misinterpretations. The LLM program is likely to include modules in solving business challenges and legal advice to sort out the problem and find suitable means to seek solutions to future challenges. Learners undertaking this LLM course will appreciate all rules and regulations governing the corporate society in business, such as; the importance of gender and racial differences in an organisation. With this experience and knowledge they will be able to cope well with an interview or even face a panel and professionally express themselves to suit the competitive corporate world.

4. Job opportunities

How deep are your networks currently? Do you wish to play the part of an intrinsic link in the in the competitive corporate world? If the answer is yes than an LLM in Corporate Law could be just the ticket. An LLM in Corporate Law offers a wide range of job opportunities, even at an international law firm or business. An LLM student may find that they are able to secure a job in either the private and government sectors in law firms. Employers are interested in those with background knowledge in corporate law and business, which makes those who hold an LLM in Corporate Law attractive in the job market as they will have advanced knowledge and background skills in corporate law and are well versed in laws that govern organisations and business sectors. Another advantage of an LLM for corporate lawyers is that they may choose from various lists in the corporate faculty such as; legal counsel, corporate law, civil judge, among other choices depending on their field of interests.

5. Business knowledge

An LLM in Corporate Law is an important tool for business owners, managers, supervisors and stakeholders. They know their rights and challenges and formulate suitable solutions for legal issues, as they know corporate law. Associates can note upcoming challenges or threats in business, and they will be better able to prepare in advance on when to seek legal assistance.

6. Rise in salary

Having an LLM in Corporate Law will make your CV stronger, whether you are applying for a job in law, business, at home or abroad. And you may well find that by having tis postgraduate law qualification, you will have more leverage to command a higher salary since you have proven and unquestionable skills and useful knowledge for any given organisation.

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