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Posted Sept. 9, 2018

Getting Support During Your LLM

LLM supportIt is natural to want to be independent in your decision on what to study, where to study or what career path to pursue. However, when it comes to specifics, the best people who can guide you are your family members, close friends and work colleagues as you can draw a lot from their acquired wisdom and experience. From helping you decide on a course to things to pack, support from people you are closely associated with can make you confident on your LLM journey. Plus, you don’t have to feel awkward in asking them silly questions!

Below are several ways in which people closest to you can be your biggest support on your LLM journey.

Deciding to study

Deciding to study an LLM is a big decision. If you live with your parents then you will need to open up the conversation on your plan to study and how you will manage your study especially if it means travelling abroad. If you are working as a legal professional, then consulting with your immediate colleagues or seniors will help you decide better on courses to opt for and how they will align with your career interests. Is it important to know the outcome of study and your growth prospects especially if you wish to return to work after you finish studying.

Preparation stage

Work colleagues can help strengthen your LLM application by penning your professional reference. Siblings or cousins who may have previously studied abroad will jump to help you, reviewing the details and guiding you on the best way to present information. Some may go far to recommend good law schools and places to stay.

Moving away

Moving to a new place to study can be intimidating when you start to plan your studies. You can connect with current students and alumni through university social media to discuss various options. Close family members can get emotional if it is your first trip abroad, so reassure them that you have researched well and can manage on your own!

Constant encouragement

Family members and friends can act as constant sources of encouragement during the course of your LLM study. Siblings and close friends can cheer you up if you feel homesick. They can also give you confidence if you are stressed on a submission or discuss options if you are not sure how to manage a situation.

Financial support

If you are unable to obtain a scholarship or loan to fund your LLM, then family members are probably going to be first in the queue to offer you support. Alternatively your employer may fully or partly fund your LLM studies as a way of recognising your specialisation and encourage you to contribute to the firm’s practice area.

And don’t forget, if you are not lucky enough to have supportive friends and family – your law school will be able to help you will decisions and personal wellbeing.      

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