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Posted May 26, 2017

Which type of LLM student are you going to be?

LLM studentsAre you preparing to join an LLM program next semester? If the answer is yes, we’re sure you are eagerly looking forward to setting foot on campus and getting started. But what sort of LLM student are you going to be?

Here’s a roundup of the types of LLM students you will most likely meet during your first few days of law school. Which one are you?

1. The Unavoidable Chatty Geek

This is the person you ALWAYS bump into and they are always keen to have mundane conversations on any LLM topic. They are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the LLM course and will particularly be helpful during the exam time. They are literary a walking library and can offer advice on the right reference books. Just be patient with these characters, ultimately they do mean well, and you will probably learn something useful from their conversations.

2. Lawyers

When you notice someone in your class who is smartly dressed in something well out of your budget – they will almost certainly be a lawyer who has taken a year off to study the LLM course. They are most common in certain modules such as competition law, commercial arbitration, and intellectual property. You will also notice how they flaunt of their negotiation skills when trying to grab the attention of tutors. Befriending such characters is beneficial as their pre-existing networks can be of benefit to your career. However they can make you feel somewhat inferior!

3. The Internet Addict

These are the type of students who are always leaning onto to their laptop. They have gained an expanded knowledge base due to accessing information from all over the world at all hours of the day. Hanging out with these individuals can give you a certain level of self-motivation and enthusiasm to use technology to create a custom learning environment. You will also benefit from expanded computer usage skills that might be helpful in your career and life in general.

4. The Foodie

These are the people who will always draw conversation about delightful dishes and great local food places. They are always checking out the latest restaurant opening and the local cuisine – particularly handy if you have gone overseas for your LLM studies – and can easily navigate through the city with the help of their smartphones and like to be in groups. You will often find them discussing food varieties and recommending local places that serve obscure dishes. Once you find yourself with such characters, know that you are in a great position to try something new.

5. The Navigator

If you like exploring your way around the city landmarks, the navigator will definitely be your most favorite friend in school. They are mostly engrossed in their smartphones even while talking to you about their career choices in a serious tone. They have acquired an in-depth use of their smartphones to explore their way around the city, restaurants, nightclubs, local parties, and exciting weekend trips. You could surely utilise their skills to seek out the best places in your city for more fun while pursuing your LLM Degree.

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