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Posted July 7, 2020

Keeping motivated as an online LLM student

Motivated Online LLM StudentWhile studying an online LLM program has all sorts of benefits, sometimes keeping motivated is the tricky part.

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As you will be studying your course remotely, all of your motivation must come from within, as you won't have your fellow students around you day to day to keep you on track. Here are some key ways you can ensure you maintain motivation while studying online.

Develop a timetable

Online LLM programs have a range of ways of presenting the course material. Some will be via live lectures and seminars through online platforms and others rely more heavily on pre-recorded sessions. Each way has different benefits, but sitting down at a desk to complete the lectures or seminars at the same time each week is a good habit to get into and will allow you to successfully balance the rest of your life and work around your studies.

Plan your time

University terms or semesters are not forever. If you have a year planner, then setting out the term dates and when your assignments are due will help you see when you can afford to take time away from your studies. Most law schools, for example the University of California in Berkley, will have this information available for prospective students. This will guide you to when you can fit in essential relaxing time to recharge those legal batteries and when you will need to buckle down to the work.

Develop a relationship with your lecturer

Getting to know your lecturer while you study your online LLM is not as easy as it is when studying an LLM program on campus. If your lectures are live online, then it's always a good idea to log on a few minutes early as there is often a little small talk while everyone gets organised, this could be the ideal opportunity to get to know your lecturer. Alternatively, ensure that you participate fully in online discussion forums and keep in touch with your lecturers via email or even having the occasional old-fashioned phone call.

Connect with your fellow students

The best way to keep motivated while studying your online LLM program is to be stimulated and interested in what your fellow students have to say about the course. Participate in the online discussions and connect with them through social media to discuss the course and other relevant experiences. You can even start to connect with other students before your LLM course starts as many universities, such as the University of Edinburgh, have all their social media contact information and details readily available online.

Attend on-campus events

For many students undertaking an online LLM program is more to do with flexibility rather than the distance to the law school. This means that for those students attending an occasional on-campus session or networking event can balance out the disadvantages of not meeting many potential contacts in person. If you are attending a law school that is some distance from your home, then get involved with your local law society to ensure you benefit from those legal professionals around you.

How long does online LLM study take?

When opting for online study it’s important to know how long you will be studying for. This table gives some examples of different part time online LLM courses and how long they take to complete.

Online LLM Duration

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