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Posted June 26, 2019

LLM Graduation Ceremonies: The Lowdown

LLM graduation ceremonyWe’re pleased to inform you that the big hype about graduation ceremonies is actually valid.

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It is indeed worth experiencing your LLM graduation ceremony, not only because it is your big day to celebrate your accomplishment over the past year, but also to take in all that goes into preparing for your big day, receiving your LLM degree on stage and making all those brilliant memories.

At your LLM graduation ceremony you’ll experience plenty of emotions, take some time to remind yourself of your achievements and to reflect on your LLM journey. You have finally accomplished your goal of having an LLM degree, but you will almost certainly miss the intense study life and the friends you have made. Now it’s time to chart another course for yourself and your future career

Your LLM graduation ceremony will be a whole new experience even after having gone through an undergraduate degree ceremony. Bear in mind that as this is a formal event you will need to read all the information provided to you very carefully and as don’t want any disappointments on your big day.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to think about.

Before the LLM graduation ceremony

Registering ­It does sound strange to “register” to receive your own graduation degree but this process helps your law school organise the event better by finding out attendance, collection of degrees, accommodation, etc. Make sure you register on time and provide essential details such as the number of family members expected to accompany you on the day, etc. Accordingly, you may be asked to purchase tickets in advance.

Organising Travel By the time your LLM graduation ceremony takes place you may have travelled back to your home country so you will need to plan your travel arrangements as soon as you can to make most of the early bird travel tickets, especially if your family/friends plan on attending your LLM graduation ceremony with you.

Booking Gowns Again, this may unusual, but the law school needs to organize gowns through specialised companies. You will receive an email when tickets open, detailing how you go about ordering your academic gown with details of measurements and sizes. You may also receive notification of booking photography session on the day through a professional photographer.

On the day of the LLM graduation ceremony

Arriving Early Make it a point to arrive early to give yourself enough time to do the basics such as picking up ceremony tickets from the ticket collection area and collecting your gown being seated in the hall before the ceremony starts. Other benefits of arriving early include meeting and congratulating your classmates, taking photographs once you have adorned yourself with the gown, and chatting with your lecturers.

Necessary Documents You’ll need to collect the ceremony tickets for you and your guests to be able to enter the venue hall and participate in the ceremony events. Make sure you bring all the necessary information/documents as required by your university to avoid any disappointments on the day.

During the LLM graduation ceremony

The whole LLM graduation ceremony will probably take lasts between 1-2 hours depending on how many graduates are being honoured on the day. However, you should be provided with refreshments at some point, so you won’t need to pop out of the venue to grab snacks! The ceremony will probably seem to go really quick as you watch all the graduates collecting their degree certificates from a designated member of the awarding university. Photographs and videos may be allowed so make sure you remind family/friends to remain alert when your name is called out!

After the LLM graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony will probably be followed by a drinks’ reception hosted by your law school. This is a fun event and you will get to spend some more time with your classmates and introduce family members to them. You should also have ample time to have photographs taken of you in your gown before you have to return it. If you haven’t already, you may get a chance to register for alumni updates and events. It is also a good opportunity to chat with staff members and alumni to find out how their journey has been and what they managed to accomplish using their degrees.

All in all, attending your LLM graduation ceremony is well worth the time, money and effort, as it will leave you with lasting memories and give you a positive step in moving forward on your legal career journey.

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