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Posted Nov. 21, 2016

Reasons A Law Student Should See A Careers Adviser

LLM Careers AdvisorWhether you are finishing up your law degree and you're considering postgraduate study or moving straight into a career path, it's always worth visiting a careers adviser. They spend their working lives evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of people and helping to put them find a path that works to their strengths. Even if you have a clear idea of where you want to go and what you want to achieve, a career adviser can help highlight pitfalls as well as showing up paths that you might not have considered initially.

A Fresh Pair of Eyes

There's no part of your life that can't use an impartial set of eyes. Whether you are looking for work or applying to continue your legal education with an LLM program, your decision can, and should, always be scrutinised and evaluated by an outside observer. Going to a career adviser can let you take a step back and evaluate properly where your strengths and weaknesses are. A good career adviser will take the information you give them, including academic successes and failures as well as previous employment details, then demonstrate where you should be aiming in terms of progression in your life. Whether this means jumping straight into a job or bolstering your education, the right direction might be one you haven't even considered.

Open Yourself Up To New Options

A career adviser could give you an option that you haven't considered yet. Perhaps you are just coming out of a degree and looking for your first job, or you may be deep in a career and looking for a change. One thing a career adviser can really help you with is suggesting postgraduate education that will not only broaden your academic knowledge but could also lead directly into a career that works for you. LLM courses, in particular, are a diverse and intensive way of developing expertise in certain areas of law that can enhance and guide a career in numerous ways. For a newly graduated law student, it can be a means of moving through directly into their chosen area rather than putting years of ground work in disparate and ultimately unfulfilling ventures. For established law graduates, it can be a way of refocusing your goals into a real, tangible change.

Access To The Necessary Information

If you decide to continue with your legal studies and opt to study an LLM program, a career adviser will have the information that you need to choose the right course for you. It's not just about matching your passion to a course but also being able to evaluate the specifics of each choice and the career path it leads on to. There's nothing wrong with admitting you don't have all the knowledge and relying on an outside party can be an excellent way of obtaining information about an LLM that would otherwise be elusive to those unsure what they want or need.

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