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Posted Dec. 20, 2016

Top 5 LLM Specialisms to Opt For

LLM specialismAlthough acquiring a Master of Laws (LLM) degree is not a mandatory requirement if you want to undertake legal practice training, often, many students who wish to improve their employability and knowledge within a specific law area choose to undertake this course. The LLM is what you need if your desire is to specialise and become an expert in a specific niche.

There are many LLM specialisms including some really niche fields such as maritime law, but the leading ones include the following.

1. Business Law

Business Law is now regarded as a crucial professional tool in both national and international businesses. An LLM in Business Law covers a wide range of components, including: banking, finance, intellectual property, trade regulation, competition, mergers & acquisitions, taxation, anti-trust legalities, international copyright law, bankruptcy, transactions and contracts.

2. Natural Resources And Environmental Law

Increasing prioritisation and awareness about environmental issues has brought environmental law to the fore. It is now a key area of specialisation in both international and domestic law. An LLM in Environmental Law and Natural Resources focuses on legal issues that are linked to contemporary environmental concerns like global warming and natural resources protection. This specialism is also intrinsically linked to other areas like economic development trade, human rights and intellectual property rights.

3. International Law

The growth being seen in the globalisation of business, trade and employment means that the field of international law is gaining greater significance and growing in demand. An LLM in International Law may cover a broad range of law areas, not just trade legislation, but also aspects like crime and human rights, all viewed from an international perspective. International Law is a diverse and rich discipline affecting business activities globally and has many stakeholders.

4. Human Rights Law

This area of law spans all continents. It is a specialisation that is concerned with the promotion and protection of human rights – domestically, regionally and internationally. Within an LLM in Human Rights Law there are many branches such as the rights of women, socio-economic rights, and children or refugees. Some universities that offer these programs do specialise in specific human rights fields.

5. Civil Law

A Civil Law LLM is designed to teach about the relationships that exist between individuals and organisations. The LLM in Civil Law syllabus typically deals with the individual’s rights in law and what kinds of legal options are available to them in relation to specific country’s governing laws. If, for example, a person feels that a contract is unfair, suffers due to a work-related accident, or has a property dispute, then civil laws come into effect. Professionals with an LLM in Civil Law help in settling such disputes, negotiating a suitable compensation for the client.

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