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Posted July 3, 2017

Top reasons to study an LLM at a London university

London LLMAmidst all the recent news of terrorist attacks not to mention the ongoing reactions to Brexit, London continues to stay positive and vibrant showing more strength than ever in promoting its various features.

Tourists continue to pour in from all corners of the Globe, and students are keen to see what study options they can explore in London universities. Studying an LLM program at a London law school will help you gain not only an internationally recognised qualification, but also become recognised by employers around the world. With the British legal academia and law fraternity located in the heart of the city, London universities offer insights and networking opportunities that can be harder to find in other cities. Your fellow students will come from across the UK as well as different corners of the globe drawing on professional experiences from different jurisdictions and giving you the chance to build long-term friendships and professional relationships.

What’s more, the top 10 law colleges in the recent Guardian University Rankings included four London-based institutions, all receiving an excellent score out of 100.

London Law Schools

Source: The Guardian University guide 2017: league table for law

Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider studying at a university in London:

1. Great selection of LLM programs

Universities in London offer a wide variety of leading courses in topics such as corporate and commercial law, banking law, insurance law, intellectual property rights, human rights law, among others.

2. Base for plenty of international organisations

London is host to offices of international organisations such as European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Commonwealth Secretariat, International Maritime Organisation, International Organisation for Migration, etc. and a range of NGOs such as Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam, Action Aid, etc. Law schools within London will aim to touch upon issues dealt with by these organisations so that students get a wider exposure and explore ways to build on their CVs to apply for internships and jobs. Plus, with globalisation and increasing merger and acquisition activity, recent years have witnessed rise in trade and investment disputes. London is a preferred choice for arbitration disputes not just because of the English language but also because it offers highly skilled legal professionals associated with top law firms, making it an ideal place to study to understand nuances of these legal disputes.

3. Experienced academic faculties

Students often tend to be drawn to institutions where renowned academic faculty teaches specialised courses. London universities offer a wide range of courses to choose from which are convened by faculty with qualified legal professionals from around the world or leading academicians in their field. You can look at staff profiles on university websites to be convinced of their credentials. Students looking to advance their research interests can view London as a great place to start with as they will get exposure to law seminars where renowned legal scholars from around the world give presentations and hold discussions.

4. Networking & events

On college notice boards you will find yourself looking at lots of pieces of information on networking events, seminars, workshops or even debates that take place in various locations in or around London. This gives you an opportunity to attend events that may be of interest to you. If you are still in the process of exploring your long-term career options in law, then you can still attend these events to familiarise yourself with current legal affairs and find out what options are available for you to explore. You can attend skills workshops to strengthen your legal analytical or writing skills. By joining an alumni network (once you graduate) you will be part of a global community and can continue networking with colleagues around the world!

5. Career opportunities

London universities boast of high rates of employment of their students after graduation. International students tend to go back to law firms and explore promotions using the specialised knowledge that they gain from LLM degrees. Colleges usually provide dedicated careers advise centers, which organise events and promote internship opportunities with top UK and international law firms. Depending on the nature of courses that are promoted, specialised centres of excellence within the colleges can point you to internship opportunities with public agencies, corporates, regulatory authorities, NGOs, etc. both nationally and internationally.

6. Resources

London colleges are known for their advanced research facilities and library services. Libraries provide various services such as access to online legal databases and digital resources, British, European and international textbooks, collections, law reports, periodicals and magazines and so on. Being part of a London university may give you access to the IALS library, which boasts of the most extensive collections of foreign and international law within the UK. You could also get access to other university libraries through the SCONAL access, which is a scheme that allows a student to borrow or use books and journals at other libraries.

So what are you waiting for? Which London university are you going to apply to?

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