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Posted May 30, 2019

What Additional Skills Do You Learn While Studying An LLM Program?

LLM skillsAn LLM is going to improve your in-depth knowledge of the law, but it will also improve on other skills that future employers and colleagues will expect someone with an LLM to have.

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So, let’s take a look at what other invaluable skills you will learn whilst studying your LLM program.

Team work

Team work is a vital skill that lots of people think that they are really good at. Truth is, not everyone is cut out to be an amazing team player, but those skills, like many others, can be learnt. While working on group projects on your LLM you will have to learn to trust that other people will pull their weight when it comes to tasks. It's much easier to learn when the moment comes when you have to talk to a colleague about the work they haven't done. It's not easy the first time to realise that someone you are friends with isn't doing what they said they'd do. Let the first time be when there is time to change what you're doing and not on your first big case as a lawyer! 

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is another vital skill when working in the law, and those analytical and critical thinking skills need to be constantly sharpened. Your independent learning and research for essays and your dissertation during your LLM studies will allow you to develop these skills. Most law schools and universities have Critical Thinking in the Law courses just like the one at Queen Mary University of London's law school does. 


You've got more than one LLM module to study at a time and so you'll have more than one essay and exam to write and revise for at the same time. More than likely you'll understand this from your undergraduate degree, but an LLM expects a higher standard of work, so you'll learn to do everything at this higher standard all at the same time.

Time management 

If you were the undergraduate law student pitching up to lectures five minutes late, then you'll need to work on those time management skills, and at LLM level, your fellow students must be able to rely on you to be there with the work done. It is easier to get those time-management skills sorted during your LLM than later on in your career. 


There will be lots of networking events and opportunities while you are at law school completing your LLM, so you should make use of the network of contacts that both your professors and the law school itself have. If you find networking hard, then you will find that there will be courses in the department or even the university that will help improve those skills just like the one Stanford University holds for its students. 


Writing essays and dissertations will improve your written communication skills and those presentations you will need to make will improve your public speaking. Like with networking, you will find lots of support from both the law school and the university it is based in that will help you to improve these skills up to the postgraduate level that is expected on an LLM. Almost all law schools run a course specifically for LLM students, often because many are returning to academic writing from a period of working just as the University of Warwick does for its LLM students.

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