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Posted Dec. 23, 2019

What can you do with an LLM in American Law?

LLM in American LawStudying an LLM in American Law is a popular choice in the United States.

LLM in American Law

There are several options for those who decide to undertake an LLM in American Law and in addition to the transferable skills that relate to any career in the law there are few specific skills that you will gain if you undertake this specialism. If you choose an LLM in American Law or with a significant element of American Law you will find that you have the skills necessary to work for most international companies and corporations who have a presence or deal with the US.

Here are a few options of career paths that you can follow if you study an LLM in American Law.

Become an international trade law specialist

The US is involved in all sorts of international trade and in turn most businesses involved in international trade will have something to do with the US. This means that many companies and corporations require specialists to advise on the Trade Law of the USA. Most LLM courses on International Trade Law will have an element of American Trade Law. 

International organisations with US representation

Any government or international NGO will probably have dealings with either the US government itself or with US-based companies and will require specialist knowledge of American Law. As the UN has a base in New York, many NGOs and charities are centred around it, so there are plenty of opportunities for those with an excellent understanding of American Law. Washington DC also has a concentration of NGOs and international organisations trying to lobby and influence politicians there. If you want to work in an area like this, then while you are studying your LLM you should make the most of your time at your law school with networking events and law societies

International financial & tax specialisms

Many LLM programs around the world and in the US offer LLMs in International Finance Law or Tax Law. These programs will offer the opportunity to focus on American Law, especially in Finance Law due to the importance of the US markets. There are lots of law schools in the US where you can study this along with Maastricht University, which has an American specialisation option of their LLM in International and European Tax Law.

Work in the USA

Many LLMs in the USA are in part or completely designed for foreign-trained lawyers to train in American Law and begin the process to pass the Bar Exam. The US is a federal system and this means that law students who wish to practice in a particular state in the US must study and pass the Bar Exam in that particular state. Students who wish to practice the law in the US have to undertake an LLM in American Law in the US rather than one of the other international law schools that offer an LLM in American Law. Most US states require students to study other aspects of American Law that apply in their state in addition to their LLM program. 

Law salariesLaw students’ salaries in the US

As can be expected, the salaries for lawyers in the United States grow considerably over time. This table illustrates the expected salaries of law school graduates.

American Law


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