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Posted Aug. 11, 2019

Why Join A Law Society As An LLM Student?

Law Society blogIf you’re undertaking your LLM year it’s important to fully embrace the experience so you get the most out of being at law school.

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You should take the opportunity to gain as much experience as possible and one way to do this is by joining your student law society.

Here are some reasons why this is important.


This is a big part of joining the law society. All law societies hold regular networking events for their members to meet with the local law community and alumni. This will give you the chance to make excellent connections with people that you have no other way of meeting with. 

Law career opportunities

Networking with people within the local law community and with alumni is sometimes the best way to find out about future career opportunities. If you are focussing on a niche speciality, then you will want to meet with anyone who works within your field to make the most of your time back at law school. Some law societies, like the University of Aberdeens law society, concentrate in a specific area of the law such as Commercial Law

Mooting & court visits

If you are at the beginning of your career and you feel that you don’t have enough experience, then your law society will be able to help. Most law societies hold Moot Competitions giving you valuable experience considering legal issues and arguing in front of a judge. You’ll find that moot competitions are often held by law firms – like the one held by the Oxford Law Faculty –  giving you a chance to impress potential future employers and colleagues. Law societies also participate in court visits, so if you haven't had your fill of these during your undergraduate law degree, then you can see a few more courts in action. 

Society socials

Law society socials are a great way to relax and get away from your studies and you shouldn't expect them to be all big black-tie balls, there will be charity work and often international trips as well. Most law societies accept students from all sorts of subject areas, not just law students, so you’ll get a chance to get to know other students as well. 

Future career

Basically, everyone on your course will join the law society and if you are studying full time you should make the time to be part of it. It’s such a common part of law student life that you will be asked why you weren’t part of the law society when you come to apply for positions once you graduate. A position on any part of a law societies committee looks really good on a CV and you might even find yourself part of a team getting national recognition for your activities. 

Top law societies in the UK

Here's a list of the best law societies in the UK who were awarded prizes at the recent LawCareers.Net student law society awards.

Law Society blog table

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