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Domestic In State Students Studying Their LLM Program In The USA

Domestic USA LLM StudentThere are many reasons why American LLM students may choose to study in their home state – and there are many advantages to making this decision.

Reasons to study your US LLM in state

Personal Restrictions

As a postgraduate student you may well have family or work commitments in a particular state that make it impossible for you to move to a new state to study your Master of Laws student. However if you have to remain in state but wish you could experience the whole on-campus experience – you can still opt to live in uni accommodation. That way you can remain close to your family/work commitments whilst still feeling like you’re a ‘proper’ LLM student.

Local Support Network

Studying an LLM can be very demanding so it is important to make sure you have a strong support network around you. Studying in your hometown and home state means that you’ll already have familiar people around (parents/spouse/friends) to offload on when the going gets tough. You’ll also be able to ‘visit’ home as often as you want without having to shell out on expensive bus or plane tickets.

Financial Necessity

Studying your LLM program in state can reduce your tuition fees by a few thousand dollars. Also, if you opt to stay at home while studying your LLM program you won’t have any relocation costs – nor will you have to pay for uni accommodation as you will be able to stay in your current living accommodation.

Tuition fees for domestic students studying their LLM in state

As a rule in the United States the public universities charge lower fees for students from within the same state compared to those from out of state. For example the tuition fees for an LLM program at the University of Iowa in 2015-2016 is around $4,000 cheaper an in state student – with Iowa residents paying  $22,179 versus $26,249 for out of state students. Private universities in the US usually have one set fee for everyone.

Tuition fees for Master of Laws programs throughout the USA vary significantly from state to state and from university to university in the United States. For example while the 2015-16 tuition fees for LLM students at the University of Iowa in the Midwestern state of Iowa is $22,179, whereas the cost of studying an LLM course at Harvard Law School in Boston Massachusetts is $57,200.

There are some good funding opportunities available at law schools in the United States – so make sure you do your research to see what funding your chosen law school has on offer to out of state students.

Other costs associated with being an in-state LLM student in the USA

Whether you’re an in state LLM student or an out of state LLM student you will still have to cover the costs of your books and other academic resources which are estimated to be around $3,000 for the year. You may also have travel costs depending on how far away your home is from the law school – obviously if you opt to live on campus even though you are remaining in your home state your travel costs will be negligible.


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